LED transparent screen how to do fire prevention measures

In the fire protection technology, LED transparent screen mainly depends on transparent screen fire prevention raw materials, box process. Fire-resistant raw material includes transparent screen interior line, power supply, fireproof material, plastic suite to wait for a few respects: in most transparent screen application, the area is bigger, its power consumption is bigger, the electrification stability requirement to wire is taller also.

In numerous wire product, the wire that uses the wire that accords with national standard requirement ability assures its safety and stability, its requirement has 3 points: The wire core is a conductive carrier of copper wire, the product tolerance of the cross-sectional area of the wire core is within the standard range, and the insulation and flame retardant performance of the cladding rubber layer meet the standard. Compared with the ordinary copper clad aluminum wire core, the cross-sectional area of the wire core is smaller, the insulation rubber grade is not enough, and the charging performance is more stable, and it is not easy to short-circuit.

UL certified power supply products are also the best choice for similar products. The effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power supply load, and can work normally in the hot external environment. 3. Another important part of LED transparent screen fire prevention raw material is plastic bag.

Plastic kit is mainly used to do unit module mask bottom shell material, the main use of raw material is flame retardant PC+ glass fiber material, not only has flame retardant function, but also can be used for a long time at low temperature, no deformation, will not occur brittle crack. The interior material will affect the fire protection effect, and the exterior configuration and design are also important, but the exterior configuration is mainly concerned with the surrounding heat dissipation.How to calculate the permeability of LED transparent screen, what is LED transparent screen?



LED transparent screen how to do fire prevention measures


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