LED screens application classification in gymnasium

LED display screens are widely used in many large outdoor scenes. In addition to common building advertisements, there are also many application cases in stadiums. Let us find out below.

LED display screens application classification in gymnasium

Full color LED large screen

Full color LED large screen

It is used for highlights on the field of the game (including the field), or replay of wonderful video clips in slow motion, or a three-dimensional performance of the game and an event.​​​

LED fence screen

The LED fence screen inside the stadium can play strip advertisements of any length, and can also be used for information release and shooting wonderful shots on the court, and watching sports games.

LED fence screen​
Bucket LED display

Bucket LED display

Bucket-shaped LED display screens are also common in our gymnasiums. The applications are relatively compared. They can be used for sports events, wonderful video broadcast halls, commercial advertisements, and can also count and play scores.

Timing and scoring LED screen

The LED timing and scoring screen is compared with the timing and scoring system of the game. The player’s game performance and related information, from the detailed description of the game, timing and scoring are very important, and the general screen screens are all timing and scoring.

They often pay attention to the watching videos of LED audiences at the entrance of the stadium. It is mainly used to broadcast the number of sports events with ticketing information and to guide the audience to enter and exit the stadium.

If you see only these words in the LED playback application of the stadium, then you are. Let’s see you in the already intuitive stadiums such as the basketball court’s interactive LED floor tile screen and dynamic LED lights coming to the big stage to open!

Timing and scoring LED screen​

Basketball court interactive LED floor tile screen

The appearance of the “Mamba” installed in the Shanghai Jiangwan Sports Center has a large touch-screen LED floor. The floor, all composed of LED screens, can track and capture dynamics, simulate motion trajectories, or become imaginary enemies. With the cooperation of the stadium layout and projection, some virtual scenes can participate in real and real situations.

Running on this floor is like writing a handwritten pressure on a sensitive mobile phone screen. The large screen above the head simulates the corresponding exercises, and the instructive image presents challenges. Since the introduction of the set program and the image on the interactive sensing device can be switched in several scenes, this LED floor tile screen can provide us with a dazzling basketball experience.

Dynamic LED broadcast station

In the Shanghai Listening Hall, there are some dynamic LED broadcasting stations, with picture switching dynamic function playing screens, etc., you can watch live movies in billiards and play live highlights.

It is 2.688 meters long, 1.534 meters long, and 1.44 meters above the ground. Users can carry out fierce confrontation on it, without worrying about the resistance of the screen at all. The ability to hit and affect the elasticity and limit of the ball.

Coupled with LED surprises, and also LED lighting translucent gymnasium, you can achieve unexpected results!

Dynamic LED broadcast station

New type of glass substrate changeable LED light

A German company has researched a new type of glass floor, which uses designable LED lighting directly on the glass floor for wiring, video information or specific words. It is understood that the use of LED lighting system “ASB glass floor” and introduced a new new type of screen, using smart light-emitting indoor line and screen output with specific small screen flat function animation screen.

The system can be used to light up different venues after touching a switch, such as various sports such as balloon, basketball, indoor football or hockey, handball and volleyball.

It can be seen from the above cases that the strong adaptability of the LED display screen has led to it being able to show its talents in various sports scenes.



LED screens application classification in gymnasium


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