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Stage & Concert & Theatre

Suited to choose the type of LED display:rental LED display screen, LED floor tile screen

JYLED LED movie screens

The theatre and Cinema LED display screen

The LED Floor tile screen used in the Beijing Winter Olympics

Shopping malls & supermarkets

Suited to choose the type of LED display:transparent LED display screen, LED floor tile screen

LED transparent display

The transparent LED display used outside the mall

LED floor tile screen

Shopping Mall to use the  of LED floor tile screen

Outdoor Use

Suited to choose the type of LED display:Street LED display screen,Fixed installation LED display screen

Smart Street lamp post screen
Rental Outdoor LED Screen

HD display outdoor fixed installation

indoor use

suited to choose the type of LED display:Flexible LED display screen,UHD LED display screen

Flexible LED Screen

The cylindrical screen of the platform

Super HD LED Screen

UHD LED display in the shop

Frequently asked questions​

 1, brightness comparison, the acrylic plate close to the same number of modules and then slowly increase the small distance, here to see whether the brightness of the lamp can meet their own requirements. Of course, it is more straightforward to put the module directly in the word.

  light series transparent led display panel

  2. While viewing the brightness, the light of the lamp bead is uniform. When observing the white light, you must pay attention to whether there is any color difference (this is very important). If you cover it with a thin piece of white paper, you may not observe it. Use a certain thickness of acrylic. Whether or not there is a color difference is the most important part to distinguish the quality of a transparent display, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent screen.

  3, wire identification. High-quality wire, passed UL certification, these are not reliable through the LED transparent screen manufacturer, so the most direct way is to open the skin and count the number of cores inside! Modules with 15, 17, 19, or even 20 and 30 cores should not be worse than modules with 14 or 11 cores, and vice versa.

  4, the lamp temperature. After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED lamp bead by hand. The temperature is very high and even the hot hand is definitely not stable with low temperature.

  5, solder joint quality. You can directly check the soldering of the lamp bead. The solder joint is full and the soldering process is good. The high brightness proves that the solder is good. The serious one is the solder joint, which is prone to contact failure and subsequent maintenance trouble.

1. visual and feel can initially see whether there is a problem screen display;

  2. the screen coating should not have any shedding phenomenon;

  3. to check the screen color is the same screen, or whether there is no color cast off the phenomenon;

  4. the screen printing screen should be clear, complete, uniform color, no flash, defects, trailing, pollution, all the specific content of silkscreen, location, pattern and font size, detailed drawings from the corresponding, the manufacturer strictly Drawing design requires silkscreen.

  5. the color is consistent with the model, the normal visual acuity in the natural light or fluorescent lamp no obvious color difference, the same batch of products without color, the coating surface is smooth, smooth, uniform, the surface must not return to the sticky, particles, Points, flowers, wrinkles, mechanical damage and other defects.

  1. LED the transparency of the transparent screen.

  The transparency of transparent LED display associated with point spacing and

  process structures, the greater the spacing, the greater the permeability In most case, it will be determined according to technology of the transparent LED screen manufacturers process structures Customers can be YAKELI board against the same number of modules and then slowly ascending little distance, to go to watch this lamp bead brightness can meet their requirement Pure using low brightness of indoor environment can, but if the window is transparent screen or LED glass curtain wall LED screen, you will need to highlight LED transparent screen can achieve a good standard.

  2. LED transparent screen brightness and viewing Angle.

  The brightness of the LED lights should be kept in the indoor environment in 800 CD/m2-900 CD/m2, outdoor environment must be kept in more than 1400 CD/m2, to ensure that the size of the display image of normal play perspective refers to many viewers can see the range of the display, so the bigger the better View depends on the size of the chip encapsulation way, so we must consider perspective when encapsulated chip the size of the factors.

  3. The problem of blind Angle and Mosaic phenomenon.

  Dead-zone phenomenon refers to the screen always bright or black often a single point, the reason of dead point is the quality of the mould has a problem Mosaic problem refers to the four square appear on the display or always black, namely the module of necrosis, the main cause of this phenomenon is used in the display connector quality is bad.

  4.The flatness of the display and the existence of color blocks.

  The flatness of the surface of the LED transparent screen is directly related to the effect of the screen texture and the distortion of the display image. Therefore, it is necessary to be particularly careful when adjusting the flatness of the display. Color blocks refer to the color difference between adjacent modules.

  5. Temperature of lamp bead.

  After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED transparent screen lamp bead with your hand. The temperature is very high or even hot, and the stability of the LED transparent screen is good.

  5. Quality of solder joint.

  The solder joint quality of the transparent LED screen is full to prove that the welding process is good, and the brightness is high to prove that the solder material is good;serious is the welding, easy to lead to poor contact and other bad phenomenon, and the follow-up maintenance is more troublesome.

  6. The way to paste the light of LED transparent screen.

  At present, there are two ways to make LED transparent screen, one is positive light, the other is side luminous side luminous although the permeability is relatively high, but the lamp bead is the traditional LED display lamp bead, the quality will be more stable.

  Thank you for your watching!

 For video content playback: generally 4:3 or close to 4:3;The ideal ratio is 16:9.According to the size and beauty of the site, if it is the wall, it depends on the wall position and the size of the staircase. Try to make it bigger, even if the resolution is low, it should try to choose a large area.

  From a technical point of view, curtain wall LED transparent screen is basically square in China, which is a little uniform. It is suggested to make some creative and attractive shapes.For example, arc-shaped, cylindrical, folded Angle, the surprising design will attract more people’s attention!

There are two types of LED interactive floor tile screens, one is an external infrared sensor LED interactive floor tile screen, and the other is a built-in chip LED interactive floor tile screen. Each has its own advantages, and of course there are disadvantages. The main basis for selection The actual needs of customers.

The external infrared induction interactive floor tile screen is based on the “Puller effect”, adopts the most advanced plane technology, effectively suppresses the elevation sub-harmonics and other clutter, and cooperates with the radar induction technology to make it safe and intelligent. The emitted infrared rays can perceive human movements in time and accurately, so as to achieve an interactive effect. ?

The LED floor tile screen adopts PCDA mask, whether it is scratching, hammering, or percussion, it is far more than ordinary masks. Tests with actual data show that the load-bearing capacity of 1 square meter has reached 2.9 tons. According to a person of 180 kg, 2.9 tons can carry the weight of 32 people.

1. Corporate Identity:
Many companies use LED floor tiles to decorate their companies, highlight their corporate logos, and make companies stand out in a darker environment. Therefore, corporate logos have also become one of the application areas of LED floor tiles;
2. Urban greening decoration:
Every time a different festival comes, the flowers and trees living in the city will be added with different sizes of colored lights to bring out a different festive atmosphere to people, making the city more warm. However, the decoration of colored lights does not mean unique For decoration, different companies or special locations will make full use of the characteristics of the LED floor tile screens to add icing on the cake, so the indispensable LED floor tile screen in the urban greening decoration range brings more surprises to the decoration;
3. Large-scale performance venues:
Because different colors of lights and different colors of LED floor tile screens in the performance venue can render different atmospheres for the entire performance venue to bring different visual feasts and atmospheres to the audience, and due to more scene changes, the LED floor tile screens are in different The colors displayed in the scene are different, so it has become an indispensable LED floor tile screen for large-scale performance venues.

In fact, in addition to stage interpretation, LED floor tiles are very suitable for commercial retail, bars, smart teaching, stadium construction, medical and other fields. The emergence of interactive floor tiles has opened up more market applications for them. Screen companies can take the path of specialization in a certain subdivision according to their own conditions and avoid the dilemma of homogeneous competition.

There are two types of LED interactive floor tile screens, one is an external infrared sensor LED interactive floor tile screen, and the other is a built-in chip LED interactive floor tile screen. Both have their own advantages and are mainly selected according to the actual needs of customers.

The realization principle of the external infrared induction interactive floor tile screen is to set a pressure sensor or capacitive sensor or infrared sensor on the floor tile. When a person interacts with the floor tile screen, these sensors sense the position of the person and feed back its trigger information to the host. The controller, and then the main controller logically judges and outputs the corresponding display effect.

The built-in chip LED interactive floor tile screen is usually based on the wireless distributed control of the interactive floor tile screen system design method. Compared with the previous system design, the control method works wirelessly, eliminating the trouble of field wiring and adopting distributed Control, distribute the work of the data processing part to the control processors of each floor tile screen, the data processing part is completed by these processors, so the main controller part does not need strong data processing capabilities, and it is not necessary to use it in large-scale applications. As the computer is used as a data processing center, this control method can greatly reduce the cost of system design.

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