Buy LED display need to avoid misunderstandings

Novices often encounter the following misunderstandings when buy LED display due to insufficient understanding of the display.

Let us take a look at what misunderstandings we often encounter when purchasing LED displays.

4 misunderstandings that are easy to encounter when buy LED display

When purchasing a large screen, only look at the price

Price may be an important factor affecting the sales of LED large screens.

Although everyone understands that you get what you pay for, you will unconsciously move closer to low prices when choosing LED display manufacturers.

The huge price difference caused customers to ignore the quality. But in the actual use process, it may be remembered that the price difference is actually the quality gap.

The same model is mistaken for the same product

In the process of selling LED large screens, I often meet customers who ask why your price is so much higher than others for the same type of display screen.

But in fact, the model number is only the spacing of the LED modules, and does not represent different types of products.

Let’s take the P4 LED display as an example. If it is a conventional indoor P4 LED display, the price will definitely be much cheaper than the P4 outdoor LED display.

And the conventional P4 outdoor LED display is much cheaper than the special-shaped P4 outdoor LED display.

P4 outdoor led display
P4 outdoor led display

According to this law, we can draw the conclusion that the price of the same P4 model will still vary greatly under the same size.

Mistakenly believe that the higher the technical specification parameter value, the better

Generally, when customers purchase LED displays, they will choose several manufacturers for evaluation, and then decide on the suppliers of LED large screens.

The two most important items in the competition are price and technical parameters. In the case of similar prices, the technical parameters become the winner.

Many customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display. Is that actually the case?

Let’s take a simple example, it is also an indoor P4 full-color display screen, in terms of the brightness value of the display screen.

Some manufacturers will write 2000cd/square meter, and some manufacturers will write 1200cd/square meter. So is 2000 better than 1200?

The answer is not necessarily, because the brightness requirements of indoor LED screens are not high, generally between 800-1500.

If the brightness is too high, it will be dazzling and affect viewing. From the perspective of service life, too high brightness will easily overdraw the life of the display screen in advance.

Therefore, the rational use of brightness is the right answer, not that the higher the brightness, the better.

The production and testing of display screens are not as short as possible

Many customers who buy LED full-color screens just place an order, and they can’t wait to get the goods immediately.

We understand this feeling very well, but the large LED screen is a customized product, and it needs at least 48 hours of testing and testing after the production is completed.

The LED display screen adds 24 hours to the national standard to achieve a 72-hour uninterrupted detection test.

There are usually two problems when the delivery time is too short: one is that there is no sufficient testing and testing, and the failure rate in later use will definitely be relatively high;

Using products from different batches. In this case, the display screen will have obvious color difference, which will greatly affect the display effect of the LED large screen.

Finally, the LED display manufacturer HOLA-LED reminds you that when purchasing LED displays, you must first choose a professional and reliable merchant, and secondly, the one that suits you is the best. Don’t leave hidden dangers just because you are greedy for cheap.



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