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LED Immersive Experience Is Now Integrated Into Our Lives

With the rapid development of multimedia and various display technologies, the core requirements of display solutions for various exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and commercial venues have evolved from clear image quality in the past to gorgeous and novel display effects and vivid sensory experience.

The “LED Immersive Experience Cabin” solution is based on multi-faceted LED displays, combined with a fighting control system,

a super high-resolution cloud broadcast control server, and customized immersive film sources, to subvert the traditional display effect and give the people in the cabin an all-round immersive experience.

Naked-eye 3D viewing experience. Please follow the editor to see several project cases of “LED Immersive Experience Cabin” shown below!

Fuzhou Science and Technology Museum

Science Museum
Science Museum

The science and technology museum adopts a 45-square-meter P2.5 LED immersive solution.

In the immersive experience cabin, every visitor is like experiencing an adventure, riding a bicycle through the forest, watching all kinds of rich plants, and occasionally A wonderful encounter with some small animals.

Shenzhen ISVE Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall adopts a 30-square-meter P1.8 small-pitch display screen and a P2.9 floor tile screen LED immersive solution.

Once the immersive area is lit, it becomes a beautiful scenery in the exhibition hall,

allowing the experience to take the train and travel through the forest of the four seasons. You can embrace nature without leaving your home.

A community exhibition hall in Xiamen

The exhibition hall adopts an 80-square-meter P1.5 small-pitch and P2.9 floor tile screen combination LED immersive solution.

The audience can see the community layout and construction plan coming to them in the center of the 3D immersive area.

In the immersive experience, the audience can more realistically understand the innovative development achievements of the community.

This year’s trends suggest that despite a downturn in the 2022 cycle, resulting in a decline in the price of display panels, my country’s display industry still shows strong industrial resilience and shock resistance.

According to the report of the Optoelectronics Research Association, in the first three quarters of 2022, the shipment area of ​​panel companies in mainland China will reach 120 million square meters, with a market share of more than 67%, a record high.

Moreover, relevant reports also show that market volume of HD industries will reach 100 billion in the next few years.

The huge market prospect also means fierce competition, technology iteration and innovation will become the main competition in the market.

The new generation of LED displayed this time follows this logic of competition, complies with the metaverse era, and quickly occupies the high ground of technology.

It can be seen that the LED immersive experience project and the concept of metaverse are developing at a high speed.

They are the products of the development of LED display screens, just like outdoor naked-eye 3D screens and XR screens.

Hola-LED, as a high-end manufacturer in the domestic LED display industry, has already developed and laid out related supporting display screens.

No matter what kind of display screen your project needs, it can provide products with strong competitiveness.

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