Where is the LED floor tile screen used?

The LED interactive floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed for “ground display“. It is usually specially designed in terms of protection performance, anti-fog performance, waterproof performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to long-term operation and reduce maintenance. , The box is light and thin, easy to disassemble and assemble, and at the same time, a field simulation experiment has been done on the load-bearing of the screen. The load-bearing of the screen is more than 1 ton, which is loved and respected by customers and friends.

So what are the application scenarios of the LED interactive floor tile screen? I believe that many people have questions, and today I will answer them with you!

ground display
ground display
  1. Create a magical luxury wedding for you

The floor tile screen can create romantic and warm, colorful and dreamy scenes, which can leave unforgettable memories for newcomers and guests;

  1. Application on stage

The interpretation effect of the stage is fully used, and the real picture and music are perfectly combined to create a magnificent and modern scene. The large and clear live broadcast screen gives an immersive audio-visual feast;

  1. Application in bars, KTV and other places

With high-density physical pixels and excellent waterproof performance, even if the wine is spilled on it, it will not affect its normal operation at all;

  1. The world of children

The LED floor tile screen is produced with a unique process in the seven highlights of “clear, heavy, light, thin, fast, odd, and provincial”. It is the result of scientific and technological research and development, representing the future development direction of LED products, and providing stage performances for creative realization. It is a useful supplement to the current stage display equipment and also provides a promising market direction for LED display manufacturers.

The above is the application scenario of the LED interactive floor tile screen introduced by the editor of JYLED to you. I hope it will help you after reading it.


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