LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

LED floor tile screen installation method demonstration

As a digital floor display product, the LED floor tile screen adopts a durable die-casting composite structure and a high wear-resistant resin mask, so that it can be directly stepped on the ground. The overall airtight design is adopted and it has obtained the IP68 protection level certification. The modular design of quick disassembly and assembly makes installation and maintenance easier and easier.

Since the LED floor tile screen can be matched with infrared sensors and other equipment, it can create a variety of wonderful interactive effects in practical applications with virtual software and interactive software technology. In view of the difference between the LED floor tile screen and the ordinary floor tile screen, let’s first take a look at the technical characteristics of the LED floor tile screen.

The technical characteristics of LED floor tile screen:

  • Modular structure, realize seamless splicing, and can be made into different shapes according to customer requirements, such as circle, trapezoid, heart shape, etc.
  • Simple structure design is adopted, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. The surface of the LED module uses a high-strength wear-resistant non-slip fabric (or atomized frosted glass), which can be directly stepped on
  • Close-fitting airtight heat dissipation structure, IP68 protection level, waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Grayscale processing above 13bit, high brightness, clear picture, brightness up to 3500cd/square meter. The product uses high-quality 3 in 1 patch light, with a large light-emitting angle and good viewing effect. The display mode can be changed arbitrarily, including text, animation, and pictures.
  • Using VGA synchronization technology, the content displayed on the screen is synchronized with the computer, and the display content is simple and convenient to replace
  • Support multi-window flexible playback software and interactive software
  • A single box can carry 1300kg, and each square meter can carry 2.5 tons of weight, and the safety factor is as high as 3 times

After understanding the characteristics of the LED floor tile screen, let’s take a look at the installation process of the LED floor tile screen:

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

The most common installation method of LED floor tile screen is rail installation. Below we focus on the installation method of floor tile screen iMagic: The connection between the screen and the screen is installed with a rail. The rail has two specifications, 500mm long and 1000mm long. In order to realize a large screen, it is also necessary to assemble the guide rails. Take the 500mm guide rail assembly as an example, and use the legend to illustrate the assembly of the large screen:

1. Rail installation

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

Side rail installation

Middle rail installation

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration
LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

Guide rail after installation

2.Screen and rail installation 

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

3. the other side

Important warning!

Please read the “Safety Warning” before installation, power supply, and debugging. 

Ensure that the installation structure of the installation screen can bear 5 times the total weight of the screen, installation accessories, cables, etc. 

Ensure that there are no easy-dropping objects above the installation position of the screen to avoid damage to the screen and cause casualties. 

Ensure that no explosive materials are placed within 1m from the screen. 

Installed on rails, the size of the screen is not limited and can be infinitely large; but in actual projects, the screen has a size.



LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration


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