LED display sales are expected to sprint to 50 billion in 2023

According to the statistics of “LED Screen Display World”,LED display sales in mainland China in 2022 have reached 44 billion yuan, basically returning to the level of 2019.

Judging from the policies released by the state, it is expected that the market size of the LED display industry will break through the 50 billion yuan mark next year.

As of the end of October 2022, LED display companies such as Leyard, Unilumin Technology, Absen, Ledman Optoelectronics, Liantronics, and Alto Electronics have successively disclosed their third quarter reports for 2022.

mini LED

According to the report for the third quarter of 2022, there are only two LED display companies with a revenue of more than 1 billion, namely Leyard and Unilumin Technology.

Security, panel, PC, TV and other manufacturers have entered the LED display industry

Security has huge potential in the display industry

LED display screens have shown great advantages and development potential in the field of security.

In the field of security, small-pitch LED screens, with the advantages of high-definition seamless stitching,

have gradually not only replaced traditional LCD, but also occupied the largest market share.

According to a senior observer from the LED Display Industry Association,

the security field has always been the key field of LED display applications.

In recent years, leading companies in the security industry such as Hikvision and Dahua have entered the field of LED display applications across borders.

On the one hand, it has added new blood to the industry and promoted the technological innovation of the LED display industry.

On the other hand, it has also brought certain pressure to traditional LED display companies.

The security industry giants have obvious advantages in system integration resources.

Under the influence of global digitization and Internet of Things,

changes in user usage scenarios and application requirements bring new opportunities for product innovation.

and new incremental space for the market, especially the demand for market segments such as Mini/Micro LED. Has good growth potential.

mini led backlight vs quantum dots vs lcd panel
mini led backlight vs quantum dots vs lcd panel

Enterprise consolidation to seize the market

Driven by “Apple”, the gradually mature industrial chain and complete technology accumulation continuously accelerate the large-scale landing of Mini/Micro LED applications.

Large enterprises enter the LED display market through integration and acquisition, which is both competition and cooperation.

The field of display technology is facing tremendous changes. The new display technology represented by Mini/Micro LED is widely favored.

Major LED display manufacturers and cross-border capital spare no effort to lay out the Mini/Micro LED display industry.

Through mergers and acquisitions or cooperation with display giants,

they are actively cutting into the production and R&D of LED display screens.

Large-scale investment actions are frequent and will continue to increase.

They will start a research and development boom and will produce a large number of new technological achievements.

At this stage, they are investing in development.

LED display factory competition intensifies

During the golden age, the threshold for entering LED display screens was also gradually raised,

making the competition in the industry more intense,

especially the pressure on the survival of small and medium-sized LED screen companies is increasing;

With the development of LED high quality display products, the application scenarios of LED display products continue to expand, which may open up new market increments.

It is worth mentioning that the cross-border entry of large enterprises into the LED display industry has impacted the production structure of the traditional LED manufacturing industry.

In the past, the boundaries between the upper, middle and lower reaches have been blurred.

This change has had a huge impact on the LED manufacturing industry.

With the mature technology of the LED display industry, the scope of application continues to expand,

and the prospects become more and more broad, attracting many other industries to enter across borders.

On the one hand, it has added new blood to the industry and promoted the technological innovation of the LED display industry.

On the other hand, It also brings certain pressure to traditional LED display companies.

In a word, for major manufacturers, cross-border deployment in the LED display industry is both an opportunity and a challenge.


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