LCD LCD splicing screen VS small pitch LED display

In recent years, the demand for large screens has been increasing, and various types of screens have also stood out, which is dazzling. The mainstream displays are LED displays and LCD splicing screens. What is the difference between these two?

Small interval LED display
Small interval LED display

Analysis of the differences between 3 large LCD splicing screens and small-pitch LED displays

1,Technical comparison

From the perspective of display principle, the small-pitch LED display belongs to self-illumination, and the LCD liquid crystal splicing screen belongs to the backlight + liquid crystal imaging. From the point of view of physical seam, the small-pitch LED display belongs to no seam, and the gap of LCD splicing screen is 0.88-3.5mm. From the perspective of color saturation, the small-pitch LED display has higher color reproduction and more vivid colors. From the perspective of gray scale, the small-pitch LED display is 16bits, and the LCD LCD splicing screen is 8bits. From the perspective of power consumption, small-pitch LED displays and LCD splicing screens are both high-efficiency and energy-saving products.

2,Cost comparison

The main cost is currently divided into three parts. The first is the purchase cost, the second is the maintenance cost, and the third is the service life.

The first purchase cost: the price of LCD splicing screen is new and more advantageous. maintainance fee;

Second maintenance cost: Small-pitch LEDs only need to repair the broken module separately, which does not affect the use, and the maintenance cost is low;

The third is the service life: the normal service life of the small-pitch LED display is 100,000 hours, and the normal service life of the LCD splicing screen is 40,000 hours.

3,Use flexibility

Small-pitch LED display: high plasticity, the arc, size and appearance can be customized according to needs. In terms of use, it can be used indoors and outdoors. LCD splicing screen: mainly focus on indoor scenes, generally small size.



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