Is there a completely transparent P3.91 LED transparent screen?

I believe that many people will be amazed by the P3.91 LED transparent screen when they see the transparent LED display. Because after the transparent screen is installed in the glass window, you can see different products without affecting the surrounding environment, so it is still very Attractive, and in the long run, the ad works pretty well.

There are even many brands of brick-and-mortar stores that have become popular through transparent LED displays. In some places, there are people who go to check in and go sightseeing. Therefore, the use of transparent LED displays can bring better results to our commercial services.

From here we can see that the name of the LED transparent display is to be different from the traditional LED display, light bar screen and glass screen. But it is not completely transparent, mainly through some technologies to improve the transparency of the LED display, making the display closer to transparency, such as the common glass curtain wall LED transparent screen, it is installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall, In some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls, the transparent LED screen cannot be seen, but when the display is lit, you can see a very clear and beautiful picture.

LED transparent screen
Transparent LED display

Compared with the traditional LED display, the transparent LED screen has high transparency, good scalability, light weight, convenient maintenance, cool display effect and light weight, and a stronger sense of technology and fashion.

At present, the transparency of LED transparent screen can be about 90%, and the spacing is about 3mm, and it will not affect the lighting and ventilation inside these high-rise buildings and shopping malls.

The application field of transparent LED display is still very wide. In addition to the installation of several square meters on the curtain wall of large buildings, such as the indoor hoisting of large commercial centers, a large LED display is used to display advertisements, and it is relatively simple now. The floor tile induction interactive screen, the transparent LED display can also be used in the blank area of ​​the store window for advertising display, and the transparent effect can also see the scene in the store, which is not very dazzling.

When we buy transparent LED display, we often care about its transparency. Therefore, many customers will ask for the transparency of the display when they consult the LED display, because the single-color LED display can no longer meet the requirements. At present, many shopping malls will choose LED transparent screens.

The appearance of transparent screens is often combined with glass environments, such as glass curtain walls of office buildings, glass windows of chain stores, etc. It is the same as no installation, and will not affect the interior of high-rise buildings and shopping malls. Lighting and ventilation.

Transparent LED Display case
Transparent LED Display

How transparent is the transparent screen? Side-emitting LED transparent displays are generally more transparent than positive-emitting LEDs. Using side-emitting LED transparent display, the transmittance can generally reach more than 80%, while the positive light transmittance is only 70%.

The positive LED transparent display adopts the standard lamp beads of the conventional LED display, which can ensure a viewing angle of 150°; the lamp beads of the side-emitting transparent LED display are installed on the upper or lower side of the light bar, and the viewing angle can be adjusted. It reaches 170° and has a wider viewing angle, so that the audience on both sides of the stage can also enjoy the ultimate stage visual feast.

The LED transparent screen looks like a louver composed of a group of linear LED lights. The design greatly reduces the blocking of the sight by the structural components. The permeability can reach 85%, which greatly improves the perspective effect. Display equipment with high height and good perspective effect.

It is composed of a group of linear LED small lights, which greatly reduces the obstruction of sight by structural components in the design, and the permeability can reach 90%. It maximizes the perspective effect, and is currently the display device with the highest definition and good perspective effect.

So, is there such a fully transparent transparent LED display? The answer is: it is currently impossible to achieve, after all, there are still many entities in the LED transparent screen, such as LED lamp beads, power supplies, wires, boxes and other accessories , With the current means, there is no way to achieve transparency. Therefore, at present, the transparency of the LED screen is mainly improved through some innovative technologies, so that the screen body is closer to transparency. Technological evolution.



Is there a completely transparent P3.91 LED transparent screen?


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