Is the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen suitable for use on the stage?

The answer is of course, the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen is suitable for use on the stage.

The LED interactive floor tile screen is based on the traditional floor tile screen with sensor equipment such as pressure sensor, capacitive sensor or infrared sensor. When people walk on the LED floor tile screen, the sensor obtains the person’s location and feeds back the location information to the host. After the host receives the location information, it then controls the floor tile screen to display the screen.

In this way, the effect of real-time sensing and interaction between people and the screen in the floor tile screen is realized. The benefits of using the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen in the stage have doubled the benefits of the stage. Therefore, you need to know the five precautions mentioned below when choosing an LED floor tile screen.

Advantages of using P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen on the stage:

The induction interactive LED floor tile screen solves the single situation of the traditional floor tile screen. The LED interactive floor tile screen realizes human-screen interaction, which not only brings visual enjoyment to users, but also simulates people into the real scene to enhance the interest of the scene;

Maintenance is very convenient, long service life, safe and reliable, and energy saving and environmental protection;

The picture is clear and rich, the viewing angle is also very wide, and the resolution is also very high;

Attract people’s attention and can even become a means to promote products;

It has the advantages that ordinary floor tiles do not have, including absolute advantages such as anti-stepping, anti-collision, anti-pressure, and anti-scratch. In addition, it also has super load-bearing and toughness;

Unlike traditional LED floor tile screens that can only play fixed images to cater to performances according to a predetermined program, interactive LED floor tile screens can follow the human body’s motion and present real-time screen effects based on the principle of human body induction.

Fish swimming in the river of LED floor tile screen

Features of P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen displayed on the stage:

Using high-quality LED lamp beads, uniform light emission, wide viewing angle;

After customizing the interactive program, the interaction between people and the LED floor tile screen can be realized;

Patented bottom shell mask design, non-slip and anti-glare;

High protection level, no fear of splashing alcohol or accidental rain;

High-strength carrying capacity, with a load of up to 2 tons per square meter;

The installation is convenient and fast, and it can be used for indoor and outdoor rental screens, realizing one screen for multiple purposes;

The face shield and the bottom shell are seamlessly assembled, and the surface has no screw holes. The company’s private touch kit and face shield are waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

In addition, there are five areas to pay special attention to when purchasing P4.81 LED floor tile screens:

Load-bearing and compressive capacity. This is a very important reference indicator for the floor tile screen. The floor tile screen is born to be stepped on and pressed, and the pressure resistance is the vitality. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a floor tile screen with a pressure resistance capacity of 2 tons or more;

Protection level. It is necessary to choose a floor tile screen with a protection level of up to IP65. The brick screen is installed on the floor. The installation environment is not very friendly to the display screen, and the requirements for waterproof and anti-skid protection are very high;

Interactive function, try to choose floor tile screens that support interactive functions. If the current floor tile screens do not provide human and screen sensing interaction functions, it will be less fun, especially installed in shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, etc.;

Installation and maintenance. The installation and post-maintenance of floor tiles is also an important selection reference. Time is money, and efficiency is life. Therefore, choose floor tile screen products that can be installed quickly and are easy to maintain in the future;

The demand is above. Your needs are also very important, and what suits you is the best.

Finally, we can deepen our understanding of the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen by understanding why the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen is so popular.

So what exactly can the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen bring to merchants?

Shopping mall round LED floor tile screen
Shopping Mall

Shopping mall drainage;

Shopping malls from location selection, festivals, membership cards, and group promotions are all for more passenger flow.

Nowadays, the emergence of LED interactive floor tiles can make drainage activities twice the result with half the effort.

Shining floor tiles and interactive screens will attract more attention and increase passenger flow.

stage effects;

Traditional stage performance effects are generally lights hanging in the air, and there are few interactive effects on the ground. Now the emergence of interactive floor tiles has changed this situation. Through real-time interaction between actors and floor tiles, the stage performance is more interesting and the viewability of the stage performance is improved.


We travel, go to the Red Education Base, go to mountain villages, go to parks, go mountain climbing, go to see the sea, go to see trees, go to see flowers, etc. We often see scenic spots and historical sites, which are all things with a sense of nature and history. . If equipped with an interactive floor tile screen with a sense of science and technology, I believe it will bring visitors a “shock” and “extra value” experience. The reputation of tourist attractions is very helpful.



Is the P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screen suitable for use on the stage?


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