Is the LED transparent screen the same as the LED glass screen?

LED transparent display and LED glass display are two similar displays in daily life. Many people will not be confused about the difference between the two. Next, HOLA-LED will introduce the transparent LED display. Advantages of the advantages, and the difference between it and the LED glass display.

Transparent led display

As the name suggests, the LED screen has the property of transmitting light like glass. With a permeability of 50% to 90%, the panel thickness is only about 10mm, and its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.

The main advantage of the led transparent display is the transparency of 85%, which ensures the original lighting function of the glass curtain wall. Moreover, the LED transparent display screen is easy to install, plug and play, and does not require a steel structure, which can greatly reduce installation and maintenance costs. Lightweight and simple, it does not take up space. The thickness of the main board is thin and the glass curtain wall can be installed directly without changing the building structure.

Transparent LED display video wall

However, as transparent display screens are widely used in many local shopping malls, jewelry stores and other fields, the medium-to-high market share and customer awareness rate in some application scenarios continue to increase. At the same time, it gives the glass curtain wall a sense of fashion, variety of colors, modernity and technology, and displays the black technology of transparent display in all directions.

So what is the difference between the LED glass display which is very similar to it?

Transparent LED display for science and technology museum
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Shopping Mall Transparent LED display
Shopping Mall

The difference between led transparent display and led glass display

1. Different structures

The led glass screen is a high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to fix the led structure layer between two layers of glass. It belongs to a bright screen. It can draw different graphics (stars, patterns, body shapes and other fashionable graphics) according to different scenes.

2. Installation operation

The transparent led display screen can be installed on the glass curtain wall of most buildings with strong compatibility. The transparent led display can be installed by hoisting, installation and single installation.

The LED glass screen is installed in order to reserve the installation position of the screen when designing the building in advance, and then install the architectural glass on the glass frame. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. The installation of led glass screen is to install architectural glass during the construction of the glass curtain wall, which is not convenient for maintenance.

3. Product weight

The led transparent screen product is light and transparent, the thickness of the printed circuit board is only 1-4 mm, and the screen weight is 12 kg/m².

The led glass screen product is equipped with luminous glass and weighs 28 kg/m².

4. Maintenance

The LED transparent screen is convenient and quick to maintain, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources.

There is almost no way to maintain the LED glass screen. It is necessary to dismantle the structure of the existing building and replace the entire glass curtain wall, which requires high maintenance costs.



Is the LED transparent screen the same as the LED glass screen?


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