Is the higher the brightness of the LED display, the better?

As a new light-emitting technology, LED is based on light-emitting diodes and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high brightness, and long life. Therefore, LED display screens have been popular since they were developed.

Not only that, when many LED display manufacturers introduce LED screen products to users, they will also use “low energy consumption and high brightness” as their trump card, creating a cognition of “the higher the brightness, the better” for users, then the fact is that this is the case?

Let me talk about the conclusion first: the brightness of the LED display is not as high as possible.

Outdoor fixed LED display
Outdoor fixed LED display

Why is the brightness of the LED display not getting better and better?

First of all, it needs to be clear that high-brightness LED lights must be accompanied by high attenuation and low stability.

High attenuation is not conducive to the long-term use requirements of LED displays but also becomes a congenital defect of the excessive pursuit of high brightness.

This congenital defect will damage the life and picture effect of the LED screen all the time, like a multiplier effect. It will double the speed of its brightness attenuation so that the attenuation speed in the later stage will be accelerated several times, and it will become a high-attenuation display.

In such a vicious cycle of brightness attenuation, a display screen that could have been used for 8-10 years may be “retired early” in less than 3 years, which cannot meet the requirements for long-term use.

Not only that, but nowadays, the problem of light pollution in cities around the world has become very serious, and many countries have even issued laws and regulations to strictly control the brightness of outdoor lighting and display screens. Moreover, an overly bright screen will become an invisible “pollution”.

Secondly, according to the law of energy conservation, high brightness consumes more energy, which runs counter to the current concepts of “environmental protection” and “carbon neutrality”.

One final factor to consider is cost. The simple pursuit of higher brightness will inevitably lead to an increase in the overall cost of the project, and it also means that users are likely to pay for performance parts that exceed their usage requirements, resulting in waste.

Therefore, when purchasing LED displays, there is no need to listen to too many misunderstandings about the higher the brightness, the better the screen. The most important thing is to understand that it is meaningless to blindly pursue brightness, and it may even cause a loss of image quality, lifespan, and cost.

What range should the brightness of the LED display be controlled in?

From the professional point of view of LED display manufacturers, the brightness range of the general indoor LED display is recommended to be around 800-1200cd/㎡, try not to exceed this range. Due to the influence of sunlight, the outdoor LED display has a brightness range of 5000-6000cd/㎡, or the brightness is too low to see the picture clearly.



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