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Is The LED Screen Height Ratio 16:9 Or 4:3?

Many customers who buy full color LED screen for the first time do not understand the ratio of length and width of our LED screen is more appropriate, in fact, our LED screen is equivalent to a large display, generally synchronized with the computer display, what the computer display, LED screen what.

Computer monitors, televisions, and other display devices we generally use are made in accordance with the ratio of 16:9, and most high-definition video sources are also made in accordance with the ratio of 16:9.

If the length and height of our LED screen are not made in accordance with the ratio of 16:9, there will be stretching and deformation when playing videos or pictures. So the 16:9 ratio of our screen is the best!

LED Screen Height Ratio
LED Screen Height Ratio

Of course, it does not mean that it must be done in accordance with the ratio of 16:9, especially in some places due to space limitations, and the customer wants to do a large screen area, can not do 16: The size screen can also be designed according to the size of the scene.

After finishing the screen, it can be played in split screens, and the divided window is 16:9 ratio or close to 16:9 ratio, which can also achieve the effect.

The second method is to find professionals to customize the video and picture content according to the pixel resolution of the LED display. But custom videos and pictures cost more.

Now let’s take a look at the full color screen of various models according to the ratio of 16:9 to do 1080P and 4K resolution need to do a large area

LED display to achieve 1080P resolution, the various models to achieve what size?

With 1920×1080 pixels, the screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio

  • P2.5 Full-color size 4.8m ×2.72m= 13.06㎡
  • P3 full-color size 5.76m×3.264m=18.80064㎡
  • P4 full-color size 7.68 m * 4.352 m = 33.42336 ‬ ‭ ㎡
  • P5 full-color size 9.6m ×5.44m=52.224㎡

LED display to achieve 4K resolution, the various models to achieve what size?

The length width pixel is 3840×2160, and the screen aspect ratio is 16:9

  • P1.2 Full-color size 4.8m ×2.7m = 12.96㎡
  • P1.5 Full-color size 6.0m ×3.6m =21.6㎡
  • P1.6 Full-color size 6.4m ×3.6m =23.04㎡
  • P1.8 full-color size 7.2m ×4.32m=31.104㎡
  • P1.9 Full-color size 7.6m ×4.2m =31.92㎡
  • P2.0 full color size 7.68m×4.32m= 33.18㎡
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