Is smaller pixel pitch better?

LED companies are so keen on scientific research that the dot pitch will drop again and again. At this stage, some LED manufacturers have successfully achieved the production of small-pitch products of 0.7mm. In practical applications, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity that can be displayed per unit area at one time, and the closer the viewing distance is, and vice versa, the longer the viewing distance is. In view of the popularity of the concept of small-pitch LEDs, many industry users believe that the smaller the dot pitch of the purchased products, the better. However, is it really necessary to have smaller and smaller dot pitches? It is understood that there are only a handful of applications for small-pitch products of 1.2mm. In terms of display effect and cost control, a small pitch of 1.0mm or even 1.2mm can fully meet the market demand, and its high price has made it difficult for consumers to accept.

The editor interviewed Li Xilin, the leader of the technical team of the China LED Display Application Branch. He believes that the application of small spacing is mainly between P1.5–P2.0, and the advantage is not obvious if it is smaller than this range. However, the smaller the pitch, the smaller the development may also have a series of problems, such as process, cost, reliability and so on. It also said that it is possible to use small spacing for home use, but its technology may be difficult to achieve, and COB can replace it. And the main competition of small pitch is not COB, but DLP. There are also a small number of companies in the industry that produce small-pitch products such as P0.9, but the cost is too high, and they are not optimistic about the development of smaller-pitch products.

JYLED said that in the small-pitch research and development, one or two companies may have a certain market value for the smaller-pitch research and development, but if the whole industry flocks to it, it must affect its market value significance. Manufacturers can focus on product stability, reliability, display performance optimization, system engineering optimization, etc., and refine and refine them according to user needs. In addition, the new technical highlights of the product can be concentrated on the “comprehensive experience”, such as product structure, volume, customization, etc. JYLED Electric said that it has not yet seen where the market for small pitches below 1.0mm is.

Therefore, the development prospect of small spacing in a smaller and smaller direction does not seem to be very promising. It is best to start from the market demand and pay attention to the moderation. For example, the traditional LED display company jyled has publicly stated that products with a dot pitch of 1.2 have already met customer needs, and the development of products with smaller pitches is of little significance. The most important thing at present is not development. Smaller pitch, but how to actually put the existing technology into application.nology into application.



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