Is LED or OLED better?

We all know that there are recent rumors that Apple will launch an iPad based on mini-LED, so some customers asked: “Is LED or OLED better”, let me discuss it together.

In the previous article, we have already popularized the difference between LED screen and LCD screen. If you don’t know it yet, you can click the title below to view it:
Is LED Better Than LCD?
Since there are rumors that Apple may enable mini LED technology on the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, based on past experience, this is mostly true. This is an effective propaganda method for Apple. First of all, it releases rumors that seem to be vague, causing public speculation and forming good advertising benefits.

Since Apple chose this as the main upgrade point, what is the mini-LED screen? What advantages does it have to make Apple, which has always sought stability, abandon the mainstream OLED in the market and make bold innovations?

What is mini-LED?

If the screen is distinguished by material, it can be divided into two types: LCD and OLED. In recent years, the mobile phone market is dominated by OLED screens, and because of the bendable characteristics of OLED, the iPhone’s full-screen era has been opened.


In this environment, LCD screens are not willing to be eliminated and seek new breakthroughs, so mini-LED technology came into being. It does not belong to the screen material, but a screen backlight technology that is upgraded for the backlight of the liquid crystal layer.

Simply put, it is to miniaturize the LED lights under the traditional LCD screen. The traditional LCD screen is limited by the size of the bulb, and cannot adjust the brightness of a certain area individually. The mini-LED technology is that its backlight bulb is smaller, and there are more bulbs under one screen, which can achieve refined brightness adjustment. Bring better image display effect.

Not only that, but also achieved the characteristics of thin and flexible, and will not fall behind in the competition with OLED.

Why Apple chooses mini-LED

We rarely see people who say that Apple’s product screen is not good. Apple used traditional LCD solutions before, but the room for subsequent improvement is very limited.


You can’t just give up LCD and switch to OLED camp, because the disadvantage of OLED screen is that it has a short lifespan, which is completely inconsistent with Apple’s “environmental protection” concept. Moreover, the OLED screen is supplied by Samsung, and Apple cannot rely too much on the supply chain. Apple’s attitude can be seen from the self-developed chips last year.

Under the influence of these two factors, Apple is very likely to choose mini-LED.

Audience range of mini-LED

Maybe you think that mini-LED upgrade technology has many advantages and will be popular in the future, but it also has some disadvantages.

Apple chose the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, which represent medium and large display devices with a long service life, which means that monitors and LCD TVs can also be used. Other devices such as mobile phones and smart watches are not recommended.

Mini LED and Micro LED
Mini LED and Micro LED

Another problem is the high cost of new technologies. Not everyone can negotiate prices with the supply chain. It will take some time for the cost to come down.

To sum up, there are two advantages of mini LED technology: higher screen brightness, contrast ratio, and longer service life. However, whether higher screen brightness will lead to increased power consumption is still uncertain.

Fast charging should not be upgraded. If you don’t want to frequently switch charging heads to charge iPad Pro, iPhone, or MacBook, you can start with a Greenlink 65W gallium nitride charger like me. It has the same chip as Apple’s built-in, supports 3C1A four-port fast charging, is compatible with a variety of fast charging protocols, and is smaller than the original MacBook, making charging much more convenient.

If the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro really use mini-LED technology, will you be the first users?



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