Is LED display good?

If the user needs to watch the screen for a long time, it is inevitable to consider the tolerance of the eyes. In fact, this one is mainly determined by the brightness of the LCD screens and the LED screens, which is one of the more obvious differences between them. In addition to the difference in brightness, there are many differences between LCD and LED screens, such as resolution, color contrast, after-sales rate, applicable field, installation environment, etc., so we’d better clarify our own needs first, and then according to their respective feature selections.

When the LCD screen is used for large-screen display, it mainly refers to an industrial-grade display screen, also called LCD splicing screen. To ensure the stitching effect, its border will be very narrow. The LED screen is an LED display, which is a light-emitting chip composed of three primary color LED chips, which emits light through the arrangement of lamp beads.

led screen
led screen

Brightness refers to the contrast between the screen and the outside light when it emits light. The brightness is determined by the lighting method.

Therefore, its brightness is not very high, and it is only suitable for indoor environment display at close range. If the light is relatively strong, there will be reflections. The lamp beads of the LED screen are exposed outside, so its brightness is much higher, which is more suitable for use in outdoor display environments.

But to say that it is good for the eyes, the LCD screen is definitely better, because its brightness is low, it will not irritate the eyes for a long time, the picture is soft, and it is more suitable for viewing at close range.

  1. Color contrast difference

In terms of color contrast, the difference between LCD and LED screens is also very large. Overall, the contrast ratio of LCD screens is higher, which can reach 5000:1.

Therefore, the contrast between light and dark colors of the picture is stronger, and the picture quality is more vivid. The gray scale and contrast ratio of LED screen are not as good as LCD.

  1. Resolution difference

In terms of resolution, the LCD screen is higher, so the picture presented by the LCD screen is also clearer. This is because the resolution of one LCD screen reaches 1920*1080, which is a high-definition screen, while the resolution of the LED screen is It is determined by its lamp spacing.

Generally speaking, the lamp spacing is larger, which is determined by the packaging technology, so its resolution is lower, and it is not fixed according to the specifications of the product. Generally speaking, when displaying images LEDs are not as clear as LCD screens.

  1. Differences in installation environment

LCD and LED screens are also very different in the installation environment, which is determined by their own characteristics. LCD screens can only be used indoors, because it is an electronic product, and the internal circuit is prone to short circuit due to moisture.

So it can only be used indoors. The LED screens supports waterproof treatment, so it can meet the requirements of rainproof grade. Moreover, because the brightness of LED is relatively high, it can clearly display the content of the screen even when it is exposed to sunlight when it is used for outdoor display. LED screens are more advantageous.

  1. Differences in use

According to the characteristics of high-definition LCD screen and support for continuous booting, it is mainly used in indoor video surveillance display systems, command and dispatch centers, conference rooms, big data centers, exhibition halls and other platforms. Hours of use.

The LED screen is more suitable for full-screen display and outdoor display, such as advertising, product launches, lecture halls, media centers, etc.



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