indoor rental led display

P1.9/P2.5/P2.6 / P2.9 / P3.9 / P4.8


Wide viewing angles

IP 65 waterproof

High Flexilility

Magnetic  installation

Front Rear service

Die casting Alum


indoor rental led display fast splicing

The upper and lower buckle mechanism presents a convenient and efficient way to quickly combine the indoor rental led display LED rental cabinet. This innovative design feature streamlines the installation process and ensures a secure and seamless connection between the components.

By utilizing the upper and lower buckle, the indoor rental led display can be effortlessly aligned and attached to the rental cabinet. The buckle mechanism is designed to fit precisely, allowing for a snug and reliable connection. This eliminates the need for complex tools or time-consuming procedures, saving valuable time and effort during setup and dismantling.

500*500e LED cabinet
500*500e LED cabinet

indoor rental led display ground installation

indoor rental led display by joining multiple cabinets together, the overall display area can be expanded, accommodating larger content and offering a more immersive viewing experience. This is highly advantageous in various settings, such as trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, and other events where a captivating and expansive display is required to engage the audience.

The steel structure not only facilitates the physical connection of the cabinets but also ensures consistent alignment and synchronization of the display panels across the entire display area. This is crucial for creating a seamless and uniform picture without any visible gaps or distortions. The integrated steel structure provides the necessary support and precision to ensure that the display panels align perfectly, resulting in a visually stunning and cohesive image.

indoor rental led display multiple Angle bending

The remarkable indoor rental led display of the rental display is demonstrated through its ability to adjust the bending angle freely. This feature allows for the creation of unique and dynamic visual displays that can adapt to specific requirements and creative designs. The diagram on the right showcases the display after being bent at both a 65-degree angle and a 135-degree angle, illustrating the range of possibilities that can be achieved.

By adjusting the bending angle, the rental display can be customized to fit various installation scenarios. Whether it’s creating a concave display that curves inward or a convex display that curves outward, the adjustable bending angle feature offers versatility in shaping the visual presentation.

500*500e LED cabinet
HD LED display

indoor rental led display high Resolution

The exceptional high refresh resolution of 3840 Hz plays a pivotal role in creating lifelike images that are free from unwanted visual artifacts, such as water ripples, even when captured by sophisticated cameras. This impressive refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid motion, without any perceivable flickering or blurring, resulting in a truly immersive visual experience.

The high refresh resolution is particularly crucial when it comes to capturing high-quality footage or images with advanced cameras. Lower refresh rates can lead to distortions or interference in the visuals, which may manifest as undesirable effects like water ripples. However, with the 3840 Hz refresh resolution, these issues are effectively eliminated, allowing the camera to capture the display’s true essence faithfully.

indoor rental led display ultra-wide Viewing Angle

The indoor rental led displayoffers an impressive viewing angle of 160°, ensuring that viewers can enjoy a clear and vibrant picture from any angle they choose to view it from. This wide viewing angle is a crucial feature that eliminates the limitations of traditional displays, ensuring that the image remains visually appealing and consistent, regardless of the viewer’s position.

With the 160° viewing angle, viewers can experience exceptional image quality and color accuracy, whether they are directly in front of the display or positioned to the side. This expansive angle ensures that everyone in the audience can have an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience, without any degradation in brightness or image clarity.

HD LED display
500*500e LED cabinet-10

indoor rental led display mounting by suspension

The wall-mounted installation of the indoor rental led display rental LED display offers numerous benefits, including space-saving advantages and the elimination of tedious installation steps such as drilling walls and holes. This innovative installation method optimizes both functionality and convenience.

By mounting the indoor rental led display rental LED display on the wall, valuable floor space is preserved, making it an ideal choice for environments with limited space or where maximizing the available area is essential. This space-saving feature allows for efficient utilization of the surrounding space while still delivering a visually impressive and impactful display.

indoor rental led display Technical parameter

Pixel Pitch(mm)1.952.52.6042.973.914.81
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m2621441600001474561128966553643264
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121SMD2121
IP RateIP43IP43 / IP65
Brightness (cd/㎡)Indoor: 800~1200nits ; Outdoor:3500~5000nits
Module Dimension250×250mm (9.84″x9.84″)
Cabinet Dimension500x500x77mm (19.7″x19.7″x3.03″) / 500x1000x77mm (19.7″x39.4″x3.03″)
Cabient resolution256x256pixel200x200pixel192x192pixel
Cabinet MaterialDie Casting Aluminum
Cabinet CurvedOptional
Cabinet Weight8.3KG (18.3lb) ±10% / 13.8KG (30.4lb)±10%
Max Power Consumption<800W/㎡
Avg Power Consumption<200-300W/㎡
Service AccessFront / Rear
Refresh Rate1920~3840hz
Grey Scale13~16bits
Viewing AngleH:160° / V:160°
Input Voltage (AC)110V / 240V
Operating Temp/ Humidty-20℃ ~ +45℃; 10%~60%RH
Storage Temp/ Humidty-40℃ ~ +60℃; 10%~60%RH

Standard Accessories

sending box

sending box

Power Supply

Power Supply

LED suction cup
LED suction cup
Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories

Signal cable

Signal cable

Power cable

Power cable

Movable power cabinet

Movable power cabinet

Flight case

Flight case

stage rental LED display
stage rental LED display
stage rental LED display
stage rental LED display

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The R series pro rental display can be spliced into different sizes and resolutions according to the actual situation, the common are 2K, 4K, and ultra-high-definition 8K display.

Yes, R series pro can choose different cabinets according to customer needs to make suitable indoor (not waterproof), as well as outdoor (waterproof) display. Because the brightness and waterproof requirements of the outdoor rental display are different, the price will be higher than that of the indoor.


At present, it is mainly 1920hz and 3840hz, two styles, the specific can see the above parameter table


R series pro adopts front and rear maintenance installation mode, so it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

Yes, the rental display comes with a 2-year warranty and 24-hour online service