In addition to the stage, the LED floor tile screen also has these unexpected applications

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed for ground display. It is usually specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protective performance, anti-fog performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity stepping, long-term operation, and reduce maintenance. 

The load-bearing capacity of LED floor tiles on the market is generally 2 tons or more per square meter, which can load a car to drive on its surface. The surface is treated with a matte technology mask, which can be slip-resistant and anti-glare. At present, the pixel pitch of the floor tile screen ranges from a small 6.25mm to a large 20mm.

In actual projects, LED floor tiles have a very visual impact. With the help of infrared sensing, it can track the trajectory of people’s movements, and can follow the activities of the human body to present real-time picture effects, so as to achieve effects such as actors and audience walking, water ripples underfoot, flowers blooming, etc.

Gorgeous channel LED floor tile screen
Small spacing LED display
LED floor tile screen

The application field of LED floor tiles is not only the stage

At the beginning of the design, LED floor tiles were mainly used in stage performance venues, but with the continuous progress of the LED display itself and the surrounding supporting technologies, its application fields have also had more reverie.

Commercial retail: In order to attract customers, many shopping malls have racked their brains on design. Installing LED interactive floor tiles in the atrium or sightseeing elevator can make the owner’s store stand out. In addition to attracting attention, the LED interactive floor tiles in the atrium can also display the promotional information of the store, and even become a good helper for brand promotion and fashion shows. The floor tile screen in the elevator will also capture the attention of customers and transmit more business information.

Interactive teaching: The LED interactive floor tile screen will be a perfect combination of entertainment and education in the college and training camp. Through engaging somatosensory games and interactive videos, the LED floor tile screen will provide a unique learning platform. Through specially designed educational content, LED floor tiles can effectively improve students’ learning enthusiasm and strengthen their collaborative awareness and social skills.

Interactive stadium: The world’s first LED interactive basketball floor is installed in the “Mamba” stadium of Shanghai Jiangwan Sports Center. Running on this tile screen is like handwriting on a pressure-sensitive phone screen. The player’s running and jumping are input in the form of pressure to the sensor in the LED floor tile screen of the stadium, which is the player’s movement trajectory in succession.

The large overhead screen simulates the corresponding movements of the sparring team, displaying instructive images and challenging the players. Due to the preset program and interactive sensing device, the image on the court can be switched in several scenes, so this LED floor tile screen can provide each player with a dazzling basketball training experience.

The LED stadium has unlimited development potential. In the future, it may be possible to obtain more player-related data through inductive interaction, including players’ heartbeat, blood pressure, and pace, to assist players in obtaining more professional training, and even injury prevention.

LED floor tile screen

Interactive medical rehabilitation: Foreign medical institutions have proven that interactive video is very effective in speeding up the patient’s walking rehabilitation process. In the picture below, the medical institution uses a specially designed game to allow patients who need to restore their walking ability to walk on the LED floor tile display, turning the treatment into a game-like experience.

The LED interactive floor tile screen integrates the interactive technology inside the LED floor tile display module. People stepping on a single module will produce interactive effects, especially in the case of crowded people, the interactive effects can be displayed flexibly and freely.

In addition to the normal human-computer interaction on the ground, the LED interactive floor tile screen can also realize the interaction between the ground and the wall. Linkage interaction is composed of interactive LED floor tile screen and interactive LED background screen. In particular, the linkage display between the wall and the ground screen not only tests the splicing effect of the background screen and the ground screen, but also tests the technology of the video screen.

The ground interactive LED floor tile screen and the wall interactive LED display adopt advanced sensing and interactive solutions. The wall LED and the ground LED screen are connected through system software, and the display on the wall is controlled by the ground LED screen. Ingenious, deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

So how did the magical effect of the LED floor tile screen come about?

The LED interactive floor tile screen is specially used for the interactive display carrier of the ground human screen. In recent years, due to the excellent display effect and excellent interactive sensing ability of the interactive floor tile screen, it has been deeply loved by a large number of consumers. It is especially common in shopping malls and science and technology museums. We all know the cool performance of interactive floor tiles, but few people know how to achieve interaction.

LED interactive floor tile screen has a series of characteristics such as interactive function, intelligent digitization and personalization in display function. Digitalization is the essence of interactive display itself, interaction is the expression form of floor tile screen, and personalization is an extension of product characteristics. 

Wave display effect of LED floor tile screen

Sex can be spread in the public domain to a large extent. The LED interactive floor tile screen not only has the nature of popular communication, but also has the characteristics of interpersonal communication. Mainstream trend.

LED interactive floor tile screen interactive display principle
The interactive floor tile screen is to add interactive sensing function on the basis of the original display. In addition to the load-bearing, protection performance and heat dissipation performance, the manufacturer can also produce interactive display effects with people after special design. The LED interactive display screen is a novel and interesting way of experience. It has been favored by the market a long time ago.

The interactive floor tile screen uses the sensor sensing equipment to track the movement trajectory of people and objects, and can follow the movement trajectory of the moving object itself on the European brick screen, and perform screen tracking interaction from time to time.

The interactive effects of the LED interactive floor tile screen are also varied, such as ice breaking, flowers, lightning, swimming fish and a series of features. The interactive display screen and effects can also be customized and changed according to user needs and on-site needs.
Convenient display and novel interactive sensing effect, interactive floor tile screen is deeply loved by a wide range of users in the current market, which is also the driving force for continuous progress and innovation of LED display manufacturers.


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