How to use different installation methods for LED transparent screens in different scenarios?

LED display screens often need to choose different installation methods according to different usage environments and installation locations. Sometimes, due to restrictions on the installation location and cabinet structure, it can only be installed using pre-maintenance. It is more difficult to adapt the entire process through a set of methods. So, how can we make the LED transparent display screen use different installation methods in different scenarios? This requires us to understand from several installation methods of the most basic LED transparent display.

Installation method of LED transparent display

The common installation methods of transparent screens include hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, etc., among which the most common is the hoisting method used in fields such as stage art and exhibition halls.

1. Floor mounted basement

There are many common installations in glass showcases, exhibition halls, etc. using this method. If the height of the screen is not very high, you can simply fix it at the bottom, but if the height of the screen is high, you need to use a fixed square pass at the back of the screen to achieve the fixation of the screen, and Increase the supporting weight to make it more firm and reliable.

Floor-standing installation of LED transparent display

2. Frame type installation

Composite bolts are used to directly fix the box frame on the keel of the glass curtain wall. This method is different from the above method that requires the use of steel structure. This method can be fixed without any steel structure. It is mainly used in building glass curtain walls. field.

3. Pendant installation

As long as it is used for indoor long strip screens and frame structure screens, they can be installed by hoisting. However, it should be noted that this installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a beam above the beam. Indoor concrete ceiling can use standard hanging parts, the length of hanging parts usually does not have a fixed standard, it needs to be determined according to the site conditions. The indoor beams are hoisted by steel wire ropes, and the exterior style is the same color as the screen body and decorated with steel pipes.

Transparent LED display video wall

4. Hanging installation

Wall-mounted installations can be used indoors, requiring concrete beams on the wall or hanging. Outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, and there is no restriction on the area and weight of the display screen.

The above 4 kinds are the common installation methods of LED transparent display screens. According to different application scenarios, the type of transparent display screens selected will be different. Sometimes it will be flexibly changed according to the actual situation of the site and the design requirements. However, no matter which installation method is used, compared with other types of LED display screens, the steel structure used in LED transparent screens is relatively small, and it only needs to be carried out at the installation point or installation surface.

Since LED transparent displays are mostly used indoors, if they are installed outdoors, you need to pay attention to waterproof measures. Avoid damage to the LED transparent display due to internal water ingress.



How to use different installation methods for LED transparent screens in different scenarios?


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