How to operate LED display?

At present, with the increasing development of Chinese LED display industry, the streets in the major cities of LED large screen display up slowly, people consumption level is also growing, LED lighting has gradually been applied to the family’s daily life, LED electronic display not only promoted the image of the city, LED also enrich people’s cultural life, In this aspect, the LCD LED industry is developing so fast.

While we enjoy the economic benefits brought by LED electronic screens, some businesses with LED electronic screens do not fully understand the operation and use of LED electronic screens, so as to shorten the life of LED electronic screens.

First, switch LED electronic display note:

  1. Switching sequence:

Turn on the screen: Turn on the screen first and then turn on the screen.

Turn off the screen: First turn off the screen, then turn off the machine

(Turn off the computer first and not turn off the display screen, which will cause the screen body to appear high highlights, and the LED burns the lamp tube, with serious consequences.)

2, switch screen time interval should be more than 5 minutes.

3, the computer into the engineering control software, can turn on the screen power.

  1. Avoid opening the screen in all-white screen state, because the system has the maximum impulse current at this time.
  2. Avoid opening the screen under the condition of out of control, because the shock current of the system is maximum at this time.

A The computer does not enter the control software and other programs;

B The computer is not powered on;

C Part of the control power supply is not turned on.

6, when the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, LED lighting should pay attention not to open the screen for a long time.

7, the electronic display body part appears a line is very bright, should pay attention to turn off the screen in time, in this state should not open the screen for a long time.

8, often appear display power switch trip, should timely check the screen body or replace the power switch.

  1. Check the firmness of the connection regularly. If there is loosening phenomenon, pay attention to timely adjustment, re – reinforce or update the hanging parts.

10, according to the large screen display screen body, control part of the environment, to avoid insect bite, if necessary, should be placed anti-rat drugs.

Two, the control part of the change, change notes

1, the computer, control part of the power line zero, fire can not be connected, should be strictly in accordance with the original position plug. If there are peripherals, after the connection, test whether the housing is charged.

2, mobile computer and other control equipment, before power should first check the connection line, control board is loose phenomenon.

  1. The position and length of communication line and flat connecting line cannot be changed at will.

4, after moving such as short circuit, trip, wire burning, smoke and other abnormal appearance, should not be repeated power test, should find the problem in time.

  1. Precautions for software operation and use

1, software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation procedures, databases, etc., it is recommended to use “one button restore” software, easy to operate.

  1. Master installation methods, original data recovery and backup.
  2. Master the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data preset
  3. Proficient in using procedures, operation and editing.
  4. Check regularly and delete irrelevant data

6, non-full-time personnel, do not operate the software system.


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