How to make the LED transparent screens more energy-saving and power-saving?

With the continuous progress and development of technology, LED transparent screens show a new attitude of light and thin design, permeability and other technological atmosphere. The emergence of LED transparent display products brings you a different visual experience and application experience, and also enriches the display methods of LED display products, filling in the fact that the previous LED display is completely covered when in use, and the scene behind it cannot be seen. In this way, engineers can be more flexible in design and scheme production, and the effect reflected is more refreshing.

As a unique display method, thin and light design and high-end technological atmosphere, it is one of the best-selling products in the commercial display market this year. Transparent LED display screens are favored by customers for their high permeability, lightness and thinness, no need for steel frame structure, and easy installation and maintenance. With the introduction of transparent display screens in many local shopping malls, jewelry stores and other fields, the medium-to-high market share and customer recognition rate in some application scenarios continue to increase.

LED Transparent display screen

Although the luminescent material of the LED transparent screen is energy-saving, in large-area display applications, the power consumption is still relatively large for long-term use, and the electricity bills borne by the proprietors responsible for playing advertisements are correspondingly relatively high. Are there any measures to make the LED transparent display more energy-saving and power-saving? Let us find out below.

Energy-saving and power-saving methods for LED transparent display

The power saving of the LED transparent display screen is relative. If the display area is particularly large, the power consumption is amazing. Generally, the average power of the transparent screen is about 300W per square meter, and the maximum power is 800W/m². That is to say, when the transparent LED display reaches the maximum power (peak value), the power consumption per square hour is 0.8 kilowatt-hours of electricity. If it is a product with a different configuration (lamp beads, power supply, etc.), the difference in power consumption is also greater.

Transparent LED display for science and technology museum
technology museum & Convention Centre

Therefore, the LED transparent screen area is relatively large, and it is recommended to adopt an energy-saving design. There are two main measures:

1. When installing the screen, install a multi-function card with a light sensor, so that the LED transparent screen can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the light intensity to achieve energy-saving effects.

2. Use energy-saving IC and low-voltage power supply in the screen design, constant current drive, according to the formula P=UI, under the premise of constant current, the voltage decreases and the power decreases.

In addition, before the product is produced, high-efficiency LEDs can be used, and the light-emitting chip does not cut corners. The overall circuit plan of the product developed and designed by the manufacturer should minimize the power consumption of the internal circuit. The measures include the reasonable layout of the circuit and the wiring method of the circuit, etc.;

The above is about the energy-saving measures of the LED transparent screen. Of course, the daily maintenance of the LED transparent screen is also very important. It can achieve energy-saving effects to a certain extent. In addition, it can extend the service life and ensure the normal operation of the screen.



How to make the LED transparent screens more energy-saving and power-saving?


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