How to install LED splicing screen?

LED splicing screen installation diagram and installation tutorial. It is also called LCD splicing screen. It is a large splicing screen that uses LED backlight to emit light. It is mainly used in monitoring command centers, conferences and exhibition centers, etc. , Belongs to a high-definition large-screen display system, with display advantages such as high resolution, high brightness and contrast, so the images it presents are very clear, and the user’s viewing experience is also better. In the installation, according to different scenes There are also multiple installation methods for the environment. Do you know how to install the LED splicing screen?

After installing the LED splicing screen, the effect will be very good.

1. When the wall is not a load-bearing wall:
If the background wall of the installation room is not a load-bearing wall, such as some foam brick walls, it cannot bear too much weight at this time, so the LED splicing screen cannot be hung on the wall and can only be installed in other ways. There are two types, one is the cabinet type, and the other is the bracket type.

The cabinet type is to make a separate sheet metal cabinet with different numbers of beams and vertical beams, which are mainly used to fix the LED splicing screen. At the same time, there is a base underneath with a depth of about 50 cm. According to the size of the LED splicing screen and the size of the seam After the design is completed,it can be hung on it to form a false wall, and it can be directly placed near the background wall. However, one thing to note here is that it is necessary to reserve a maintenance space of about 50 cm for the installation method, which is convenient for technicians to enter the maintenance from the back, so there are still certain requirements for space.

The installation of LED splicing screen has a special effect.

There is also a bracket type installation method, because the cabinet needs to be customized and needs to be designed in advance. If it is a time-critical project, more brackets are used to install the brackets. The brackets are also divided into single and double layers.
The single layer is basically wall-mounted welding, using square iron pipes, which are connected to the ceiling on the top and grounded on the bottom. After installation, it is equivalent to transferring the power of the LED splicing screen to the square pipe.
The second is the double-layer bracket, which is usually used when the number of LED splicing screens is large. The two-layer bracket is assembled with aluminum profiles in front of the wall and fixed on the ground, and it is fixed on it through a hook. However, this installation method usually requires With edging decoration, it is more used in some command centers.

2. When the wall can bear weight:
If the wall where the LED splicing screen is installed is cement or brick wall, you can directly fix it with expansion screws. Use the wall bracket to install the LED splicing screen and directly hang the screen on it. The installation is simpler and does not occupy space. However, this kind of installation has certain limitations, that is, the number of LED splicing screens should not be too much, and it is better to control it below 9 screens. If the number is too large, the weight is too large and there is a certain risk.



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