How To Install LED Floor Tile Screen?

1.1 Embedded installation

According to the size of the screen, dig a big hole in the ground and install the steel structure inside. Therefore, after the floor tile screen is installed, it can be flush with the ground.

As the picture shows:

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

1.2 Ground installation 

With the support feet, place the screen on the ground. It can also be sealed with a beveled edge.

As the picture shows:

2. Heat Dissipation Solutions 

Generally speaking, indoor LED floor tile screen does not need to install heat dissipation facilities, because the floor tile screen itself has cooling holes. If the installation environment temperature is too high or the sealing is strong, cooling fans can be added.

For outdoor LED floor tile screen, measures need to be taken to cool down because the temperature increases due to sunlight.

3.Maintenance Solutions 

If the floor tile screen needs to be maintained, it is only necessary to remove the broken module separately, and there is no need to repair the entire screen.


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