How to divide the types of LED transparent screens?

1.According to the lamp bead patch method transparent led screen

  1. The lamp bead is sticking

The front light-emitting technology is used, that is, the standard LED lamp beads of the conventional LED display are attached to the front of the PCB board, which can ensure a viewing angle of 140° in all directions.

  1. Lamp bead side sticker

Using side-emitting technology, side-mounted LED lamp beads are installed on the upper or lower side of the light bar, with a viewing angle of 160° and a wider viewing angle. The industry name is side-emitting led transparent screen

Summary: The side-emitting LED transparent screen has higher transparency and a wider viewing angle. Due to the side design of the lamp bead, the transparency is higher, which can reach more than 90%, and it has better anti-collision ability and fast maintenance requirements. Positive light-emitting lamp beads are made of traditional LED display lamp beads. Although the permeability is slightly lower than that of side-emitting technology, it is better in product stability and more convenient for maintenance and repair. Now LED transparent screen manufacturers mainly use the position of positive products. And more and more customers love it

led transparent screen
led transparent screen

2.According to the installation method

  1. Rental hoisting

It is installed directly by the hanging beam (with hook), which is frequently installed and disassembled, such as concerts, stage performances, and exhibition sites.

  1. Fixed hoisting

This method is used in shopping mall atriums, gold jewelry stores, business halls, etc. After the installation is completed, it is not easy to move. The representative case is the Kleidi LED transparent screen, which is a representative case of the jewelry store LED transparent screen.

  1. Glass curtain wall installation

This is also a fixed installation method, mainly aimed at the field of glass curtain wall. According to the type of glass curtain wall, there will be different solutions, mainly these: single-point support glass curtain wall installation, double-point support/four-point support glass Curtain wall installation, component glass curtain wall installation, full glass glass curtain wall installation. This type of installation is a more complicated one. Generally, products need to be customized according to the size of the glass curtain wall, and the area is relatively large. The representative case is Shanghai KFC transparent led glass curtain wall screen.

3.According to the application field

  1. Stage stage beauty: LED transparent screen can be built according to the variety of stage shapes, using the screen itself to be transparent, light and thin to produce a strong perspective effect, making the depth of field of the whole picture longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the space left by the stage design for the lighting to hang and play, and render the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamic, which can better express the theme. The representative application is the 8-minute Beijing Olympic Games show. At that time, the popular LED ice screen was a stage display form of the transparent LED display.
  2. Large-scale shopping malls: The modern artistic beauty of led transparent screens is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment. It is widely used in shopping malls, glass partitions, etc., and the design of these shopping malls is in the form of glass windows, and the glass windows are transparent LEDs Window screens are in the world, and more and more are used, especially more and more cases of led transparent screens in jewelry stores.
  3. Chain stores: a storefront image full of personality can attract consumers to stop and increase customer flow. The unique design method makes the transparent LED screen replace the traditional LED display on the outer wall of the store, richer and more vivid video advertisements, cool and eye-catching, such as the Tianhong unmanned supermarket LED transparent advertising machine is a typical case.
  4. Science and Technology Museum: The Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for disseminating scientific knowledge. The led transparent screen can be customized with special shapes to perceive the magic and mystery of technology. It is the representative of black technology. The led transparent screen case of Beijing Science and Technology Museum gives customers more mystery. sense and technology.
  5. Glass window: LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers and are increasingly popular in building facades, glass window decoration, interior decoration and other fields.
  6. Architectural media: Especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings, it has gradually become popular in recent years, and various solutions such as glass curtain walls and LED transparent sky curtains have appeared.



How to divide the types of LED transparent screens?


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