How to distinguish between good and bad high-end LED transparent screen materials

Many users will consider all aspects of the transparent screen, such as quality, price, manufacturing process, engineering cases, after-sales service, etc., when purchasing transparent LED screens. Generally speaking, product quality is an important consideration when purchasing a product. It is directly related to the subsequent display effect and service life of the subsequent transparent screen. The most direct reason that affects the product quality is the display material.

At present, there are many display manufacturers on the market, and the raw materials purchased by each supplier are also different. It is precisely because of this that the quality of the LED transparent display products produced varies.

Generally speaking, select high-quality LED transparent display manufacturers, and choose high-end LED transparent screen, so that you can very well guarantee the quality of the product. Based on this premise, how we should choose high-end LED transparent screen is exactly what we need to learn.

Let’s first take a look at the main components of the LED transparent display

The main core components of the LED transparent screen are LED lamp beads, driver chips, PCB circuit boards, etc. These three are as important as the engine, gearbox, and chassis of a car. In addition, other core components of the LED transparent screen are: Although the LED power supply, control system, wire, structure, etc. are also important, they can be replaced. Only the LED lamp beads, circuit board, and driver chip cannot be replaced once they are integrated.

This means that if any one of the three major types of LED display has serious quality problems, it means that the entire LED display is a substandard product, and various quality hazards will also appear, and once it appears The problem often requires the replacement of the entire screen, which is a very big loss for the customer.

Next, let’s take a look at how to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen materials

The method to identify the core components of the LED transparent display is mainly that when we get the quotation plan provided by the LED display supplier, we need to look carefully at each item. If these important parameters are missing, you can ask the supplier to write clearly the brand and parameters of the material as much as possible. For example, the packaging manufacturer of LED display lamp beads is a well-known optoelectronic manufacturer or a well-known machinery manufacturer.

classic series Transparent LED Display

Regular LED display manufacturers will list the relevant LED display quotation parameters in detail, such as the brand manufacturers of the driver chip. There are some less formal or small-scale manufacturers that deliberately write ambiguously in order to obtain more profits.

Another way to identify the transparent screen material is that the user can directly watch the LED display display effect during the inspection, and through the display effect comparison, purchase the product that the user chooses. If the effect is not good, the user can take samples and send the samples to the designated supplier manufacturers to identify whether the LED display materials are purchased in accordance with the contract requirements, which will also benefit their own rights protection.



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