How to choose LED rental display? Where is it suitable for placement?

When it comes to LED rental display screens, everyone should be familiar with them. They can be provided by professional rental companies at low prices. But when we choose the LED rental display, there are some places that need special attention. If we don’t choose well, we may be deceived.

Here is a summary of the tips for selecting led rental displays and the common usage scenarios of led rental displays. Let’s take a look!

outdoor Rental LED display
outdoor Rental LED display

Selection skills of led rental screen

1. Look at the installation location of the LED rental screen

When choosing the LED rental screen, you should pay attention to the installation location. If you install it outdoors, you need to consider the surrounding power conditions. If it is installed indoors, the requirements of the location of the light should be considered. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the equipment has enough space to ensure the stability of the installation.

2. Look at the LED rental screen spacing

There are also certain standards for the selection of LED rental screen spacing. The standard LED rental screen size is generally 150*150 mm, and the screen spacing is 10-30 mm. The smaller the screen spacing, the better the picture display effect, and the screen size can be determined according to the needs.

If we want to make the outdoor display better, we can choose a small-pitch LED display. Because the small-pitch display does not require frequent maintenance and management.

3. Look at the performance of the LED rental screen

In the selection of LED rental screens, the main concern is its product performance. Only the LED rental screen with excellent performance can bring better experience to the rental customers. In terms of performance, it depends not only on the brightness and color uniformity of the LED rental screen itself, but also on the waterproof performance of the LED rental screen, which is also a key indicator when purchasing.

4. Look at the quality of the LED rental screen

The quality of the led rental screen, first of all, is its brand awareness. Therefore, the quality of the product has a great relationship with the popularity of the brand. Therefore, we need to choose a professional led rental screen manufacturer, and then we need to carefully observe the product to judge the quality of the product.

5. Look at the after-sales service of LED rental screens

After-sales service is also an important aspect. Therefore, when selecting LED rental screens, dealers should be required to provide corresponding after-sales services. For example, we all know that the price of LED rental screens is very high. If there is after-sales service, it can reduce the cost of use for consumers. Of course, another point is that the installation of led rental screen is very simple, and it can be installed and used in many occasions.

Usage scenario of LED rental screen

1. For corporate activities

Led rental screens are mainly used in corporate conferences, exhibitions, training, office and other promotional activities. Among them, LED rental screens can be seen in some high-end corporate conferences and exhibitions, and can also be used as one of the corporate promotion methods , For example, installing LED rental screens in large conference venues is a very good way of publicity.

2. For the performance scene

Led rental screens can also be used in stage performances, such as many large-scale cultural evenings, event sites, concerts, etc., will use led rental screens to create an atmosphere. Moreover, LED rental screens can generally be divided into main screens and several secondary screens, which are used together to allow audiences to see the stage performance in all directions.

3. For public places

LED rental screens will also be used to display advertisements. Especially in places such as large shopping malls, airports or stations, LED rental screens often appear, which can not only provide people with a shopping experience, but also provide good advertising effects, killing two birds with one stone.

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