How to choose an appropriate LED display screen for stadiums?

The LED display on the stadium is really ubiquitous, because the stadium is a place where the traffic is very concentrated, and the commercial value of the LED display is great. The LED display on the stadium can not only live broadcast sports events, of course, football and basketball are The most common one is to play commercial advertisements while engaging in other activities.

So how do you choose to install a full-color LED display in the stadium?

First, the type of screen

This needs to take into account its detailed application. In indoor stadiums (basketball halls, etc.) there are usually throwing screens that float up and down, and several small-pitch screens (which can be moved vertically) are reduced to one large screen to accommodate (basketball halls, etc.) Various events in the live broadcast.

Second, the protection performance of the screen

For gyms, heat is part of the failure of sports screens, and the outdoor environment is fickle, and high flame retardant ratings and protection levels are essential.

  1. Total Brightness Ratio Lighting and Energy Efficiency

The brightness requirements of outdoor sports displays are much higher than indoors, but the higher the brightness value, the less suitable the energy efficiency. For large LED screens, comprehensive consideration of brightness, non-coordination and energy efficiency requirements, LED display products with energy-saving design can be selected to ensure stability and longevity.

Fourth, the method of selecting equipment

The location of the device determines how the LED display is installed. When installing screens in stadiums, it is necessary to consider whether the screen can support floor-standing, wall-mounted, embedded and front/rear maintenance.

  1. Viewing interval

Large-scale stadiums in the wild, users who watch at the Central Plains interval, generally choose monitors with a larger distance from the point, and P6 and P8 are common 2-point intervals in outdoor stadiums. On the contrary, the viewing density of indoor audiences is high and the viewing interval is close, and the integration interval is P4 and P5.

Sixth, the visual angle can be wide

The seating positions of spectators in the stadium are different, so on the same screen, the viewing angles of each spectator are gradually dispersed. By choosing an LED screen with a good angle, all spectators can enjoy a good viewing experience.

  1. High refresh rate

Choosing a high refresh rate LED display can ensure the smooth connectivity of the live broadcast of large-scale sports games, and the human eye feels warmer and more natural.

Stadium LED Display

In general, if the stadium wants to choose an LED display, these issues need to be paid attention to. At the same time, when choosing, it is important to investigate whether the manufacturer can prepare a series of appropriate treatment plans for the broadcast of the stadium.



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