QLED or MiniLED for high-end LCD TVs? Which of the two is better?

In recent years, the picture quality of LCD TVs has been continuously improved. In order to meet the needs of higher-end users, QLED and MiniLED technologies extended by OLED have gradually emerged. Their birth has refreshed the visual sense of users. Until today, QLED TVs and MiniLEDs Televisions have become a must-have technology in high-end displays.

What is QLED?
OLED is called “Organic Light Emitting Diode”, and QLED is called “Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode”. QLED is based on OLED, which improves the key image quality, optimizes white LED backlight into blue LED backlight, and implants it. Quantum dot enhanced film makes the picture color more pure. At the same time, QLED uses inorganic crystal materials, which can ensure that the color does not fade for a long time, and can also have a longer service life than OLED screens, and it is not easy to burn the screen.
What is a mini?
The full name of MiniLED is “sub-millimeter light-emitting diode”. This technology can not only be applied to TVs, but also appear in display devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and watches. MiniLED technology can make the backlight very small, so using this type of Technology TVs have thousands of backlight beads. For example, TCL C12 quantum dot Mini LED TVs are loaded with 3840 micron-level LED chips under the 65-inch screen. The size of these LED chips is 50 microns and 200 microns. These lamp beads can be used to divide multiple backlight partitions, so that the peak brightness of TCL C12 quantum dot Mini LED TV can reach 1000nit, and it has an ultra-high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 to achieve 240,000-level precise light control.

Is QLED better or MiniLED better?
Although QLED and MiniLED are essentially LCD TVs, compared with OLED, QLED only slightly improves the display color of the picture, while MiniLED greatly improves the picture color, brightness, and short service life. Therefore, TCL C12 Quantum Dian MiniLED TV has 1 billion color depth and 157% color gamut coverage, and it can also achieve 10-year screen fading. At the same time, the cost of MiniLED after mass production is lower than that of QLED, so MiniLED is more optimistic about the industry.

The TCL C12 Quantum Dot Mini LED TV is also equipped with a Meilichrom color grading chip, which can effectively prevent color layering, remove video noise, eliminate edge aliasing, and perform intelligent AI optimization for the scene, allowing users to enjoy a purer picture The effect, together with Onkyo Hi-Fi audio, creates an immersive audio-visual experience.

A new generation of display technology QD-MiniLED
In order to provide users with a top-notch visual experience, TCL has also developed a new generation of display technology, QD-MiniLED, which combines the technical advantages of LCD and OLED, and has made a breakthrough in solving the industry technical problem of mass transfer of particle LED chips. It effectively improves the picture color and screen brightness, and has become a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the display industry.
Core hard power is the magic weapon to win the competition between enterprises. If you want to gain a firm foothold in the market and be favored by users, technological innovation is essential. TLC has been at the forefront of the world in the field of display, and the number of PCT patent applications has been It has reached 13,170, and the number of patent applications for technology and materials in the field of quantum dot electroluminescence has reached 1,480, ranking second in the world. For users, whether it is a QLED TV or a higher-end MiniLED TV, TCL has Covering a variety of products, I believe that in the near future, TCL will launch more excellent TVs, so that ordinary consumers can also enjoy a more top-notch visual feast.



QLED or MiniLED for high-end LCD TVs? Which of the two is better?


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