How to choose a full-color outdoor LED display?

Full-color outdoor LED display can be said to be a necessary medium for many companies to advertise, but many people have not mastered the skills of purchasing. Blindly purchased LED display products are either more expensive, or they are not used for a long time. problem appears.

How can we choose products with good quality and low prices? Let’s find out together.

  1. Look at the cabinet

When choosing a full-color outdoor LED advertising screen, we must pay attention to its cabinet.

Because the full-color outdoor LED advertising screen is exposed outside, it is easy to encounter all kinds of bad weather,

so it is necessary to prevent problems before they happen. This advertising screen must not only be waterproof, but also dustproof, high temperature resistant, and lightning resistant. and many more.

  1. Look at the steel frame

Steel frames are generally used to install full-color outdoor LED advertising screens. There are many kinds of such steel frames on the market.

It is recommended to choose a steel frame that has been evaluated by relevant departments,

and this steel frame must be able to withstand accessories and main components at the same time. The weight of the screen will do.

  1. Look at the material of the wiring accessories

The full-color outdoor LED advertising screen works by electricity, so wiring accessories are also very important for it.

To ensure that the full-color outdoor LED advertising screen can be displayed for a long time,

the wiring accessories must be able to ensure a stable power supply

so that the full-color outdoor LED advertising screen can work smoothly no matter if it is a hot day or winter.

outdoor LED displays
An outdoor LED screen is showing a football match

If you want to make accessories that can be used for a long time with the LED display, try to use metal copper as the material.

Because the main characteristics of metal copper compared with other metals are high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable strength, and easy to use. Processing formability, etc.

Although the electrical and thermal conductivity of copper is second only to silver, the price is much cheaper than gold and silver.

  1. Look at the production process

The quality of the full-color outdoor LED display will be affected by its production process, and it is also necessary to understand the production process of this advertising screen when selecting.

And this kind of production process is also easy to judge. For example, you can find out whether the manufacturer has its own production line.

outdoor 3D LED display
outdoor 3D LED display

We can see whether the LED display manufacturer is good or bad from the production scale and strength. On this basis, we can also Ask a few more manufacturers of the same type, and put them together to compare their respective advantages.

  1. Look at the reputation of the manufacturer

Whether the manufacturer of the full-color outdoor LED advertising screen speaks about its reputation will directly affect the later presentation effect.

For example, when you consult in the early stage, the manufacturer will draw cakes for you to please you, but after installation, you will find that it is completely different from what you imagined.

It is useless for you to go to others again, so keep your eyes open when choosing a manufacturer, and don’t trust others blindly.


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