How to calculate the transmittance of P3.91 LED transparent screen?

The biggest feature of P3.91 LED transparent screen is transparency. It can play three-dimensional transparent pictures, with a cool sense of sight. However, the transparency of transparent screens with different dot pitches is different. What is the relationship between the transparency of LED transparent screens and the dot pitch? How is permeability calculated? Let’s take a look at it together:

The relationship between the transparency of the LED transparent screen and the point spacing

The point spacing of 3.97*7.81mm corresponds to a permeability of 70%, and the spacing of 9.26mm corresponds to a permeability of 75%. The smaller the dot spacing, the lower the permeability. This is because the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the denser the light bar arrangement, and the more LED light beads per unit area, which will inevitably lose a part of the transparency, and the high transparency is exactly the transparent LED screen. The biggest advantage is that the price of improving the transparency is the expansion of the dot spacing, which affects the clarity and display effect of its picture.

LED transparent screen
LED transparent screen

Therefore, the smaller the dot pitch, the lower the transparency of the P3.91 LED transparent screen, the higher the picture quality, and the more expensive the price.

Calculation Method of Transparency of LED Transparent Screen

Transmittance is a physical word, which indicates the efficiency of the transmitted light of display devices, etc. The transmittance of a transparent screen is defined as the percentage of the luminous flux actually transmitted by the screen and the luminous flux that is fully transmitted. The simplest calculation formula is : Transmittance = (transparent space/light strip interval)*100%. Take the P7.8 transparent screen as an example, as shown in the figure below: the thickness of the light bar PCB is 2m, and the distance between the light bar and the light bar is 7.8mm, then the transmittance=(7.8-2)/7.8*100% ≈ 75%

Reminder: There is no unified standard for the calculation of the transparency of the transparent screen. Therefore, the calculation method of the “transparency” of each enterprise is different. We generally only calculate the main part of the light bar and the light board, that is, the power box. Shading is not counted, the shading of the box frame is not counted, and the shading of PC, acrylic or glass is not counted.

Of course, in addition to the transparency of the LED display, the quality of the LED lamp beads also affects the quality of the transparent LED display to a large extent. LED lamp beads are also the most used key components in the entire LED transparent display screen, and thousands to tens of thousands of lamp beads are used per square meter.

LED transparent screen
LED transparent screen

Lamp beads are also the main body that determines the optical display performance of the entire screen, which directly affects the audience’s evaluation of the entire transparent display screen. Therefore, it is very important to identify the advantages and disadvantages of P3.91 LED transparent screen lamp beads. So what should we do?

  • First: Look at the brightness, which is how many LM (lumens) your lamp beads can reach. LM (lumens) is a unit to measure the brightness of the lamp beads.
  • Second: see if the light is uniform and the color is the same. The good quality lamp beads emit light evenly and the color is the same. Poor quality lamp beads will have one lamp bead brightness bright, one lamp bead dark, the color of the light is messy and inconsistent, and there will be obvious dark areas.
  • Third: Depending on the chip and the size of the chip, the chip is the determinant of the quality of the lamp bead. In general, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation.
  • Fourth: Look at glue and fluorescent powder. Generally, good products will use imported glue. The packaged lamp beads will not be deformed by hand, and the low-quality glue will deform or even crack when you press it.​​
  • Fifth: Look at the bracket. Generally, the bracket is a silver-plated red copper bracket. The advantage of the silver-plated red copper bracket is that the heat dissipation is fast, which can better dissipate heat to the lamp beads and has a small resistance. Some merchants in the market will use ceramic brackets instead of silver-plated red copper brackets. The thermal conductivity of ceramic brackets is very good.
  • Sixth: Look at the packaging process. Good quality LED lamp beads have uniform color and good colloid consistency. This is inseparable from good machinery and equipment. The production of machinery and equipment is a key factor. Good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of products in various procedures and ensure the yield of products.

In fact, the most important thing is to look at the chip of the lamp bead. The chip directly determines the color rendering index, brightness, and anti-fading degree.



How to calculate the transmittance of P3.91 LED transparent screen?


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