How to calculate the permeability of LED transparent screen

Led transparent screen, transparency is its biggest characteristic. Who often asks, led transparent screen is completely transparent? What is the permeability?

We have not seen the led transparent screen, nor have we touched the led transparent screen customers, “transparent screen” is definitely a very feeling, full of science fiction color word. When it comes to transparent screens, many people probably think of high-tech images in movies and concept product promos.

However, led transparent screen is not related to these, the high-tech screen in the film is mostly virtual technology, representing a future technology, but also a transparent future development direction.

Therefore, how to calculate the light transmittance of led transparent screen?

To calculate permeability, one must first understand the concept of permeability. Permeability is a physical term that refers to the efficiency with which light passes through a display device. The permeability of a transparent screen is defined as the percentage between the actual light flux passing through the screen and its past light flux. The simplest calculation formula is: transmittance =(transmittance space/lamp spacing)*100%

As for the calculation of transparent screen transmittance, there is no industry standard for LED transparent display industry at present, so THE calculation methods of “air permeability” or “light transmittance” of LED transparent screen manufacturers are inconsistent. The main logic is as follows:

Usually only the lamp strip is calculated, the main part of the lamp board, that is, the shading of the power box is not included, not included in the box frame shading, and PC, acrylic or glass (single layer or even double layer) shading is not included.

Take the transparent screen of P12 as an example, the PCB is known to be 2m thick and the distance between the lamp strip and the lamp strip is 12mm, then the transmittance =10/12*100%

Therefore, at present, the “permeability” in the technical parameters of LED transparent screen products is the result of various calculation formulas produced by enterprises. When choosing LED transparent screen products, it is necessary to experience the light transmittance of transparent screen and make careful selection based on other factors.



How to calculate the permeability of LED transparent screen


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