How to buy the most cost-effective led stage floor tile screen?

With the accelerated integration and upgrading of the full-color LED display industry, the competition in the LED industry is further intensified, and LED display enterprises will also face greater pressure and challenges, which will inevitably lead to uneven product quality and after-sales service of LED display. How can we buy the LED stage floor tile screen with the highest sex price ratio? Let me have a look.

In recent years, LED display enterprises continue to expand their production capacity to accelerate the speed of occupying the market, but the fact is not what people want, and the market growth rate is alleviated, resulting in a serious backlog of products in many enterprises. At the same time, products are highly homogeneous, forcing the industry to reduce prices to compete for market share and reduce inventory. In order to maintain market share, even if the profit space is greatly reduced, most other enterprises have to join the ranks of price reduction, and finally “lead one hair and affect the whole body”, and the “price war” of the whole industry suddenly broke out. It not only further reduces the profit space of the enterprise, but also increases its operation pressure.

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In addition, the reason why end users believe that the market price of LED stage floor tile screen industry is chaotic is that in addition to the increased price volatility caused by low-price competition, users do not know much about the structure of LED stage floor tile screen, so they do not know that even if the same product is different in material, manufacturing process and product performance, it will cause great differences in product quality and price.

This requires LED display manufacturers to increase product publicity and emphasize the differences and advantages between products and other similar products, so that users can better understand the differences in product quality caused by different cost.

The survey data show that at present, users’ sensitivity to price shows an obvious downward trend compared with the past, and quality, brand and after-sales are the key factors to be considered. In fact, in recent years, safety problems such as fire of full-color LED display screen have occurred from time to time, and even easy to bring personal safety problems, which makes users scared. In addition, the price of full-color LED display screen is high and usually needs professional maintenance.

In case of failure, the cost of re purchase is too large. Therefore, after-sales maintenance through manufacturers or channels has become the most economical and convenient choice for customers. In this way, from the perspective of the buyer, it is not difficult to understand why the three factors of quality, brand and after-sales have become the key points of purchase.

In addition, the brand issue is also one of the focuses. It is generally believed in the industry that terminal application providers do not have the concept of brand for products. But in fact, most LED screen enterprises are seriously lacking in brand construction, which is also one of the reasons for this phenomenon. For a long time, many enterprises believe that the circle of full-color LED display screen is small, there is no need to vigorously promote the brand, and only do a good job in word-of-mouth construction.

However, with the continuous expansion of the market scale of full-color LED display screen, businesses that have not contacted full-color LED display screen in the past also began to consider using such products. However, due to the relatively conservative brand promotion of LED screen enterprises, the brand popularity of full-color LED display screen is generally not high. This not only limits the market expansion of excellent brands, but also causes a lot of trouble for merchants to purchase, and even further restricts the cultivation of the display market by the full-color LED display industry.

Therefore, end customers should make a comprehensive consideration according to the brand influence of LED manufacturers and the product quality of LED manufacturers, rather than blindly pursuing low price, which will eventually cause a variety of problems and still need users to pay.



How to buy the most cost-effective led stage floor tile screen?


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