How to buy a transparent LED screen? One article is all done

Many customers only value the price when looking for LED transparent screen manufacturers, but ignore the craftsmanship and technical equipment. The main reason is that customers have a lack of awareness of transparent LED screens. They may think that the products are similar, so they will choose cheap ones. HOLA-LED Display as a brand manufacturer of LED transparent screens, will share with you the next few transparent screen purchases guides to help us identify misunderstandings. You can pay attention to the following points:

1. What drive IC brand is used for LED transparent screens?

Most domestic transparent screen manufacturers choose “Taiwan Aggregate IC” because of the stable quality and high-cost performance of this brand.

2. What is the brand of LED transparent screen LED lamp beads?

“National Star” is still very much bought by LED transparent screen manufacturers, after all, it is an established company with reliable quality. Brands like “Nichia” are more expensive, and it is difficult for manufacturers to get the goods.

3. What brand of power supply does the LED transparent screen use?

“Taiwan Meanwell Power Supply” is relatively well-known, and the price is more expensive. Some LED transparent screen manufacturers will choose other brands due to structural constraints when designing. At the same time, they must also consider the power consumption per square meter of the screen, which is also an important indicator.

4. Is the LED transparent screen side-emitting or positive-emitting?

The first is: LED lamp bead positive light-emitting mounting process, this kind of lamp bead is relatively large, and the front of the lamp bead is pasted on the pcb board, the permeability is lower, and the brightness is lower (depending on the lamp bead type) The brightness is generally between 800-3000, and the brightness also determines the clarity. The higher the brightness, the higher the clarity. The same is the positive light-emitting process, the equipment is different and the price is different.

The second is: LED lamp bead side light-emitting mounting process, this kind of lamp bead is relatively small, it is to stick the lamp bead on the side of the pcb board, the permeability is higher, the brightness is higher (depending on the lamp bead type) brightness Generally between 3000-5500, the brightness is high and the clarity is relatively high. The same is the side-emitting process, and the price is different for different equipment.

5. Is the outer frame material of the LED transparent screen made of iron, aluminum profile, or die-cast aluminum?

The first type: low cost of iron raw materials, poor heat dissipation, easy to rust, and relatively bulky.

The second type: The aluminum profile is made of moderate cost, good heat dissipation, light weight, customizable, flexible, and widely used.

The third type: Die-cast aluminum has a relatively high manufacturing cost, is relatively heavy, is not well customized, has a beautiful appearance, and is suitable for lease.

6. What is the difference between the standard scale provided by the LED transparent screen manufacturer and the customized scale?

The manufacturer’s standard specifications usually have all kinds of matching parts already formed, which has strong versatility and fast delivery. The disadvantage is that some installation environments are indeed inappropriate, such as curved LED transparent screens, cylindrical LED transparent screens, triangular LED transparent screens, and some glass environments.

Because the scale of each piece of glass is different, I want each piece of screen to fit into the glass. So there are customized products: appearance, color, size, wire, and drawing design are all customized according to customer needs. This kind of production cycle is long, and only suitable for the customer’s current project, other projects are not universal.

7. What is the brightness of the LED transparent screen?

Low-brightness ones are often more suitable for indoors (brightness can be met at 1000), and the quality of the broadcast is still acceptable. If the indoor light is bright and the brightness of the screen is very low, the brightness of the light at this time has covered the image quality and clarity of the screen, and the playback effect is not clear. Therefore, more professional LED transparent screen manufacturers will recommend higher brightness to customers (brightness above 2500 can be satisfied). Outdoors, the light is generally stronger during the day (brightness: above 4000 is sufficient)

8. What is the appropriate dot pitch of the LED transparent screen?

The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel point and the higher the clarity;

P2.5 LED display screen is generally suitable for a small area within 1-5 square meters;

P3.91 LED display screen is generally suitable for a small area within 1-10 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P7.81 LED display should be more than 10 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P10.42 LED display screen is above 80 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P15.625 LED display is above 100 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P20 LED display is more than 200 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P25 LED display is above 300 square meters;

The suitable area of ​​P31.25 LED display is more than 400 square meters.



How to buy a transparent LED screen? One article is all done


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