How to Become a Successful LED Display Distributor and Reseller

LED Display Distributor and Reseller

As an LED manufacturer and supplier, HOLA-LED has many LED display distributor and retailers.hola-led must sell its products to customers in order to maintain the long-term development of the company. In order to better achieve this goal, cooperation with domestic and foreign distributors or retailers will change. very important.

The profit margin that LED display distributors can generally obtain ranges from about 3% to 30% of the sales price.

Profit margins may be smaller, but also potentially very profitable if you are buying directly from the LED manufacturer / all this depends on the type of product the company offers and the profit that is responsible for paying for the marketing activities.

LED display factory
LED display factory

A distributor is a middleman between a manufacturer and a retailer, or a business that buys a product for some reason. Distributors can have a distribution chain that can include a global distributor selling to specialty distributors, and some markets have no retailers, such as those operating in B2B distribution. The size of the LED display market continues to expand, and distributors and dealers have great potential in terms of profits.

Because many distributors are not professional LED display experts, they often become helpless when they need to know more details, such as product specifications, product materials and other issues.

Since their main focus is business management and distribution, but in order to be successful in this area, you can ask yourself a few questions, among them are your interest in selling LED displays, your interest in profiting from increased cash flow And the growth trends and reasons behind the LED market expansion

It is important to maintain close contact with LED display manufacturers to increase your understanding of LED displays and to be able to meet customer problems. Over time, your conversations with LED display manufacturers about product specifications and space will evolve, which will also expand your knowledge of LED displays and their related products.

The ideal manufacturer would be one that provides an audit or spreadsheet with knowledge of kWh saved, ROI realized, and relevant insights. These sheets and materials also provide you with images that you can display in front of your customers.

Know something like the type of facility the client needs, whether it’s on-site manufacturing, warehouse or office space, the type of light fixture or fixture, if high bays, tubes, wall wrapping, etc. are required. The wattage of the light fixtures you have, the line voltage is important to the LED installer because LED products are voltage specific and the most important thing is what the customer asks of you and the purpose behind it that you are entering the LED display distributor business Some very important details to study before. The more you talk about the product and its correct specifications, the more customers trust you.

LED Display Supplier
HOLA-LED As a professional LED Display Supplier

Some Notes for Retailers and Distributors

Usually, the supply of products from the manufacturer to the distributor takes some time, during which there is an unavoidable lead time. In some cases, due to various reasons, it may be longer than the specified time, so the LED display Screen distributors should have good inventory management, the key is to have a trusted partner who has enough inventory and can know their inventory before you place an order.

Keeping spare inventory is actually more beneficial for distributors during some special times, and it also helps keep customers happy and shows them that you have a solid backing and can provide a strong guarantee.

One should also avoid online retailers as the checks and balances for online retailing from the receiving end are close to a minimum. You are more likely to be scammed, and there is a lack of quality control, lack of payment protection, your payments may get stuck, and you may not receive the products you need on time or at all. Fear of counterfeit brands is high again, and unknown retailers are not recommended for such high-priced electronics.

Looking for a solid and reliable LED display manufacturer

In order to find a suitable LED display manufacturer like JYLED or hola-LED, you have to research certain things, for example a good manufacturer will be participating in the big LED lighting exhibition. It is also important to meet potential customers through LED display distributors to check their authenticity. It is also important to check certifications such as UL and DLC compliance, including the working conditions of workers and whether they meet the standards.

LED Display Supplier
LED Display Supplier

A real manufacturer will also guide you through the management of the product and all the important details. Keeping the entire process low cost and still being able to remain competitive is an important skill to master. The business process should be proficient and you will have to avoid any expensive steps that are dubious and lead to losses.

As a LED display distributor, when you work with an experienced LED display manufacturer, you can be sure that the products you buy will meet the needs of your customers and provide them with a warranty, and the products you will deliver will have a minimum number of defects, It can be replaced in time when needed. They will also communicate with you needs and their solutions, which you will encounter during the sales and feedback process.

You’ll also learn more about the product, and you’ll be able to sell more effectively and be more willing to talk about product details. You should also keep a manufacturer’s catalog, which can come in handy and also help you identify related products and their specifications. It’s also important to have a direct connection with your manufacturer to ensure you have the right person in touch when you need it.



How to Become a Successful LED Display Distributor and Reseller


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