How to assemble LED rental display screen?

LED Rental display screen hanging connection method Gallery overview

The following is the assembly process of the rental led display screen:

Rental LED display screen hanging connection method

Step 1:

Fix the hanging bar on the truss, and fix the side lock on the upper part of the cabinet with the hanging bar.

Step 2:

Connect the left and right side locks between the cabinets, and fix the hanging bar and the hanging bar, the hanging bar and the cabinet, the cabinet and the cabinet with the connecting piece, so that the flatness of the screen is better.

Rental LED display screen hanging connection method

Step 3:

Connect all the side locks and connecting pieces, and the screen can be arranged freely to form different sizes.

Step 4: Use the power connector to connect the LED power between the two cabinets, and use the network connector to connect the signals between the two cabinets (the cabinets on the left and right sides are connected up and down). It is recommended to wire in an “S” shape. The load of a main network cable is 650,000 pixels.

rental LED display screen power connect way
rental LED display screen power connect way

Step 5: Debugging. If you need remote support, please make an appointment with our company team for remote debugging in advance.

Through the above steps, we successfully assembled the LED display. But we need to pay special attention to the fourth step, because if the line is not connected properly, it may cause the LED display to fail to light up or the picture cannot be displayed completely after it is lit.

Therefore, it is best to have a professional LED display maintenance staff nearby to guide the entire operation to avoid the LED display being affected due to improper wiring.

If you encounter some unknown errors during the operation, please write to us for feedback. Our email address is:



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