How should the small-pitch LED display be installed?

For small-pitch LED display installation, the commonly used methods will choose the frame, unit board, cable, power supply, control card, processor, control computer and other materials to assemble the LED display by yourself, then how to assemble the modules into one the entire large LED display screen, and normal use?

The small-pitch LED display requires professional guidance during installation.

1. Make the mainframe and frame: According to the CAD drawing of the LED display size of the set size, select the steel structure material, then cut the material to the corresponding size, and weld it into a field shape. The error should not be greater than 1mm. Please refer to the following drawing requirements; CAD structure design Figure, and the main frame welding, fix the welded frame to the wall.

2. Install control system: main cable, main network cable wiring; install power supply, control card; control card connection and power connection fixed; when connecting the wires between the power supply and the power supply, pay attention to the live wire L, the neutral wire N, and the ground wire order of.

3. Unit board installation: install the LED unit board and cable connection; the unit board is generally installed from bottom to top, from the middle to the two sides, the reason is that the installation from the bottom is mainly to make the horizontal and vertical can be within the normal control range , To avoid too much error leading to rework.

The installation of small-pitch LED displays requires extra care.

4. Debugging: according to the signal diagram, the corresponding connection cable sequence; during the installation process, install the 5-row unit board and test the power and signal, and solve the problem in time; because the screen is large, it needs to be installed after all The unit board is removed, and the engineering volume is large; there will be a button on each control card, which can play red, green, blue, and diagonal lines, and you can determine whether there is a bad unit board until the installation is completed.


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