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How Much Is The LED Floor Tile Screen Per Square Meter?

The rise of LED floor tile screens has made many people see the dawn of investment, but when we choose a floor tile screen, we must see its quality clearly, and we can only sell it after comparison. So, how much does an LED floor tile screen cost per square meter? Let’s look down Check it out.

LED floor tiles have gradually increased in major scenic spots, shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc. Due to the excellent interactive experience of LED floor tiles, many consumers have been attracted to experience them. This year, LED floor tiles will develop faster. Then, how much is the latest LED floor tile screen per square meter?

The approximate cost is thousands to tens of thousands of square meters. Different effects and required prices are not necessarily the same. Let’s first take a look at the main expenses of LED floor tile screens, and then we will know the price of LED floor tile screens.

The LED floor tile screen accounts for about 60%-70%. The LED floor tile screen is reinforced based on the conventional LED display screen. After special technology, the bearing capacity can reach about 1.5 tons. The quality is improved, and the cost will naturally rise. There are many models of LED floor tiles, and the prices of different models vary greatly.

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

Control system, including control computer, receiving card, sending card, video processor, large-screen playback control system, induction radar, etc. The computer must have an independent graphics card, the motherboard must have a PCI slot, an LED floor tile screen only needs one sending a card, and the receiving card should be calculated according to the size of the area. However, the price of sending and receiving cards is not high.

The sound system is not expensive. The frame structure of the floor tile screen, including the power distribution cabinet, various cables, network cables, and edging, is calculated separately for the structure, and the transportation and logistics costs.

It should be noted that there are many types of LED floor tile screens, which are also divided into indoor and outdoor. It is also necessary to determine which type of LED floor tile screen to use is more suitable for the scene according to the size of the area.

The larger the area, the more favorable the price will be. Therefore, if you ask how much an LED floor tile screen costs per square meter, there is no way to directly give an exact answer. The price of a square meter of LED floor tile screen ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands.

After understanding the project area and use environment, match the appropriate one. After the model of the floor tile screen, an accurate quotation table of the LED floor tile screen can be given, so that the cost per square meter of the LED floor tile screen can be seen at a glance.

The above is about how much is the LED floor tile screen per square meter. 

The relevant issues that need to be understood in the quotation of floor tile screen are whether the price of LED floor tile screen is reasonable, whether it is more suitable and reasonable to choose the corresponding model suitable for the application scenario.

The reason why the floor tile screen is favored by most people are inseparable from its excellent characteristics. The LED floor tile color screen is a novel digital ground display device.

It adopts the video synchronization control method and matches the high-quality imported SMD3535 ultra-bright semiconductor light-emitting diode as the light source, which realizes the high-resolution soft color display effect and completes the virtual stage. The perfect combination of scene and performance interaction; it adopts a high-strength tempered glass mask and a sturdy die-cast aluminum alloy support device.

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

It has a maximum load-bearing capacity of more than 1 ton, strong impact resistance, and can be directly stepped on; the modular design of quick disassembly and assembly, and the protective structure with excellent performance can be seamlessly connected and combined at will. This product is suitable for various forms of performance stages, such as disco stages, T-table, concert stages theatrical stages, and so on.

With the continuous upgrading of display technology, large-scale display equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the stage performances and stages of various stage performances, such as musicals, new product launches, fashion shows, and wedding celebrations.

Like the very well-known CCTV media in mainland China, they have used LED floor tile displays in their performances on stage many times, which also clearly shows that the advantages of LED floor tile displays are obvious.

To sum up, because the interactive LED floor tile screen can create a different festive atmosphere for the city during different festivals, it has now become an indispensable part of LED in many urban decoration works;

At the same time, because there are many enterprises in high-tech zones in various regions, to enhance the identification and distinction between enterprises, enterprises will choose units that can supply professional LED floor tile screens to complete the production of enterprise logos;

In addition, LED floor tiles are widely used in large-scale performance venues. It is precisely because of the wide application of LED floor tiles that our lives have become richer many times.

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