How much does an LED wall cost?

Audiences who have seen the Beijing Winter Olympics, while surprised, At the same time to consider how much is the LED wall cost. After all, the Beijing Winter Olympics used a lot of LED displays for display, including stage rental LED displays, and LED video walls, etc. , So how much does it cost to use LED displays for a large stage like the Beijing Winter Olympics? Let’s take a look.

Beijing Winter Olympics led display
Beijing Winter Olympics led display

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, the LED display made our country’s sense of science and technology more intuitively reflected. With the support of the large screen, various visual elements made the audience feel shocked. Ice screens, ground screens, ice cubes, etc. make the venue more scene-oriented. Lighting, vision, and sound effects In the context of the epidemic, the audience will have a higher perception of the presentation/transmission of various visuals. The cost of such a large-scale LED display project is naturally very high.

The price of a 11,000-square-meter LED floor tile screen has reached tens of millions, plus a 1,200-square-meter ice waterfall LED display, and such a grand scene is far more than these two, and the estimated cost is not less than 300 million. And if you want to know how to make such an LED display in Beijing, in addition to evaluating the local labor costs, you also need to evaluate the brand premium of the selected large-screen products.

In the large-screen commercial display industry, there is a large price gap between different brands. Shenzhen, as the source of LED display manufacturers, provides a complete supporting production industry chain for installation integrators across the country.

(1) Digital technology + aesthetic innovation

11000㎡ LED floor tile display, 1200㎡ ice waterfall, 600㎡ ice cube, 1000㎡ grandstand… It is understood that the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony uses digital performance and simulation technology throughout the whole process. , naked-eye 3D and cloud and other technological achievements, creating an unparalleled visual feast, showing the most romantic Chinese stories to audiences all over the world.
Many people may not know the LED floor tile screen. The biggest difference between it and the ordinary LED display is that the HUISI non-slip mask with stronger load-bearing capacity is added, which is not only wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also the surface is not easily damaged when it is hit.

(2) Ice waterfall

The width of the ice waterfall is 20 meters, the height is 58 meters, the resolution is 2560×7328, and the calculated point spacing is 7.9mm; when viewed from a long distance, a good visual picture can be obtained, which is different from the ordinary LED transparent screen. The more transparent LED ice screen increases the permeability on the basis of the original, and the displayed effect is more realistic and beautiful.

Beijing led display opening ceremony

Beijing Winter Olympics led floor tile display
Beijing Winter Olympics led floor tile display

Among them, the 14-meter-wide and 7-meter-high athlete passage lifting screen adopts carbon fiber screen, and the rest of the ice waterfall screen adopts aluminum bar structure grille screen;

As a creative display star product grille screen. This series of products adopts an accurate color management system, and all indicators meet the standards of radio and television; the products are designed with an overall glue filling process, military-grade IP65 waterproof front and rear, strong wind resistance, higher safety, and a ventilation rate of 70%. The stability of the steel frame is ensured.

Using image processing algorithms to generate stylized landscape patterns, and converting 3D animations into point data required by the laser machine, coupled with the extremely high degree of restoration of the “water from the Yellow River” of the LED display, the ice waterfall screen has achieved Deconstruction and reshaping of traditional Chinese ink painting style by digital technology.

Ice Cube “Real Ice or Fake Ice?”
In fact, the Ice Cube uses the effect simulated by the computer. The Ice Cube is 22 meters long, 7 meters wide, and 10 meters high. It weighs 400 tons and has a lifting weight of 180 tons. 8 times, it is the driving device with the maximum power of the whole opening and closing ceremony. Its surrounding and top are high-definition LED displays, forming the world’s unique largest pentahedron naked-eye 3D display device;

The carbon fiber structure design, the display unit weighs only 8 kg/㎡, which makes the rapid lifting and lowering of the Ice Cube possible. When the five-ring LED screen was unveiled, the laser located on the 4th floor of the grandstand irradiated the Ice Cube to “carve” the Ice Cube. When the “Ice Cube” was slowly “engraved” by the laser into five crystal rings, it ignited the scene and ignited the passion of the audience in front of the screen.


The price of an LED backdrop varies based on several factors, including the size, resolution, brightness, installation method, and supplier’s pricing strategy of the backdrop, among others. In addition, LED background walls may also involve other costs, such as installation, maintenance and transportation costs.

Generally speaking, the price of LED background walls is higher because they require a large number of LED modules and control systems to achieve high-definition display effects. The price of a small LED background wall may range from several thousand to tens of thousands of RMB, while the price of a large LED background wall may be higher.

In order to obtain the exact price, it is recommended that you contact the local LED background wall suppliers or merchants for detailed consultation and quotation according to your specific needs and requirements. They will be able to provide more accurate pricing and relevant service information. Plus, you can compare quotes and product quality from different suppliers to make the best choice for your needs and budget.

The prices of LED displays and LCD displays vary depending on several factors, including size, resolution, brand, quality, and market supply and demand, among others. Below is an approximate price range, but please note this is a general guide only:

Price range of LED display:

– Small size LED display (such as indoor P2.5 or P3): several thousand to tens of thousands of RMB.
– Medium-sized LED display (such as indoor P4 or P6): tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB.
– Large-size LED display (such as outdoor P10 or P16): ranging from more than 100,000 yuan to several million yuan.

Price range of LCD display:

– Small size LCD display (such as 22 inches): several hundred to several thousand RMB.
– Medium-sized LCD display (such as 55 inches): several thousand to tens of thousands of RMB.
– Large-size LCD display (such as 75 inches or above): tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB.

It should be noted that the above price is only an approximate range, and the actual price may vary due to various factors. At the same time, the market will change with time and technological progress.

For the specific price of LED display or LCD display, it is recommended that you contact your local suppliers or merchants and provide your specific requirements to obtain an accurate quotation. They will be able to provide you with a personalized quote and professional advice tailored to your needs.

The price of renting an LED wall varies depending on factors such as region, rental period, wall size, pixel density, and configuration requirements. Here is an approximate price range for reference:

– Small-sized LED wall rental: ranging from hundreds to thousands of RMB per square meter per day.
– Leasing of medium-sized LED walls: ranging from a few thousand to ten thousand yuan per square meter per day.
– Leasing of large-size LED walls: ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB per square meter per day.

It should be noted that the above prices are for reference only, and the actual rental price may vary due to various factors. In addition, additional costs such as installation, removal and transportation need to be considered, as well as whether services such as technical support and maintenance are required.

For specific rental needs and quotations, please contact local LED rental companies or suppliers, and they will provide you with detailed quotations and related service information according to your specific requirements. By comparing quotes and services from different providers, you can choose the LED wall rental plan that best suits your needs and budget.

1 square foot is approximately equal to 0.0929 square meters. So, to convert the price from per square foot to per square meter, you can use the following conversion formula:

Price (per square meter) = Price (per square foot) / 0.0929

Please note that the above conversion formula is only applicable to convert the price from per square foot to per square meter. If you need to convert between other units, please calculate according to the corresponding conversion formula.

The price per square meter of an LED display varies depending on various factors, including pixel density, brand, quality, size, and market supply and demand, among others. Here is an approximate price range for reference:

– LED displays with lower pixel density (such as P4-P6): several thousand to tens of thousands of RMB.
– LED displays with medium pixel density (such as P2-P3): tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB.
– LED display with high pixel density (such as P1.5 and below): hundreds of thousands to millions of RMB.

As for the price of the LED splicing wall, it is usually billed per square meter. The price depends on factors such as the pixel density, size and market supply and demand of the video wall. Generally speaking, the price of LED video wall will be slightly higher than the cost of independent LED display, because the video wall requires more assembly work and additional bracket structure.

Because prices may vary in the market, it is recommended that you contact your local supplier or merchant with your specific requirements in order to obtain an accurate quotation. They will provide you with personalized quotations and professional advice based on various factors.

LED wall panels refer to wall panels composed of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light-emitting diodes, which are used to display images, videos, texts and other content. LED wall panels are usually composed of multiple LED modules, which can be combined together to form large-size display screens as needed.

A video wall is a large-scale display system, which is a wall formed by splicing multiple display screens (LCD, LED, etc.). It can display image and video content in high resolution and large size, and is widely used in business, entertainment, advertising and information display and other fields. A video wall usually consists of several displays that can be tiled together to form a continuous display area, allowing images or videos to be displayed seamlessly across the entire wall.

Both LED wall panels and video walls can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, providing high brightness, high contrast and expansive visual effects. They are widely used in billboards, stadiums, conference centers, stage performances, shopping malls, command centers and other places to attract the attention of the audience and convey information.


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