How much does a LED screen cost?

When we buy something, we get used to asking the price, LED display is no exception. So How much does a LED screen cost?Let’s take a look.

For display manufacturers and even the entire supply chain, the price of IC chips needs to be paid attention to at any time. In particular, the price of LED electronic display equipment is directly affected by the fluctuation of the IC chip cost.

Every LED display will use an IC chip. If it has a touch screen, it may not only use one chip but two or even three. Generally speaking, the supply of LED display manufacturers is relatively stable, but once the price of chips increases, it will inevitably cause the market supply and demand to be unequal, and the lack of goods will affect the output. Size is also a fundamental factor affecting the price of commercial LED screens.

led module
led module

The bigger the size, the bigger the material, the higher the cost and the higher the price. The function determines the scene of the screen. The more functions, the stronger the usability, the more widely used, the more applicable objects, and the higher the quotation.

The chip is an important factor in many factors that affect the price. But in addition to the chip, other factors are also very important. Let’s see what other factors affect the price

Screen cost

For the LED display, the higher-priced part is the screen, because the screen is an important part of the display, and the screen affects 80% of the price, and the screen itself also contains LED chips. The LED display screen itself is composed of a display module, a power supply, a box, and a power cord. In addition, it is also related to the cost of the module, the quality of the lamp beads used, and the different prices of the chips.

LED display logistics, transportation and installation:

In order to protect the goods, all goods need to be treated with pearl cotton, plastic wrap, cardboard boxes, and wooden frames, and cooperate with trusted logistics companies at home and abroad. .The next step is the installation and commissioning of the display screen. We .. will send experienced and skilled professionals to the installation site to assist in the installation, and provide one-to-one or one-to-many professional technical training for customer operators. The normal and smooth use of the LED special-shaped screen.

LED display control system:

LED display control system software
LED display control system software

LED displays are generally divided into two types: synchronous control and asynchronous control. Asynchronous control is common in single and double-color LED displays, while synchronous control is mostly used in the field of full-color LED displays. The synchronous display system is based on the computer synchronization mode.

The display screen is connected to the computer with a network cable. The synchronization system consists of a sending card and a receiving card. The outdoor display area is less than 80 square meters. Usually, one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards are used. (Two boxes and one card), the system cost of indoor led color screen is relatively high, because its pixel density is much higher than that of outdoor electronic screen.

Display accessories for LED display:

For the LED display to work normally, not only the LED display is needed, but also some accessories are needed. These basic accessories are: computer, air conditioner (heat dissipation is very important), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (which can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), video processor (optional) and so on.

Depending on the choice of accessories, the cost of accessories often varies greatly, and one of them may differ by several thousand yuan, because the display manufacturer only purchases on behalf of them, and does not produce related accessories, so most accessories are recommended for customers to buy locally.

Steel structure and basic frame of LED display:

The general installation methods of LED display screens are divided into: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, mosaic, column, and roof.
Most of the LED electronic screens we see now, whether it is a large screen attached to the wall of a high-rise building or an indoor background wall LED electronic screen, are all fixed by steel structures. Especially for outdoor large-scale LED advertising display, for safety reasons, the requirements for steel structure are very high. The fixed installation of outdoor LED display has the highest price, and the lowest price is the indoor fixed square pass structure.



How much does a LED screen cost?


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