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How Does The LED Floor Tile Screen Help Businesses?

The LED floor tile screen is named because it is a display screen installed on the ground, and it is mainly used in bars, playgrounds, science and technology museums, shopping malls and other entertainment venues. What benefits can the LED floor tile screens used in these places bring to the merchants? Let us take a look:

First, we need to know what characteristics the floor tile LED display has:

  • Using high-quality LED lamp beads, uniform light emission, wide viewing angle
  • After customizing the interactive plan, the interaction between people and the LED floor tile screen can be realized
  • Patented bottom shell mask design, non-slip, anti-glare
  • High protection level, no fear of splashing alcohol, accidental rain
  • High-strength carrying capacity, load per square meter up to 2 tons
  • Easy and fast installation, can take into account indoor and outdoor Rental screens can be used to achieve one screen for multiple purposes.
  • The face shield and the bottom shell are seamlessly combined, and the surface has no screw holes. The company’s private touch kit and face shield are waterproof, non-slip, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The LED floor tile screen can also be based on it. An infrared radar sensor is added to achieve an interactive effect. There are many special effects of online explosions, such as broken glass, fish walking, waves hitting the shore, planting flowers, etc. all can be achieved through the LED interactive floor tile screen

From the above advantages and basic introduction, it can be seen that LED floor tile screens can mainly bring the following benefits to merchants;

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

Benefits of LED floor tile screen for merchants

1) Shopping

malls from location selection to festival activities and membership cards, group promotion, etc. are all for more passenger flow. Nowadays, the emergence of LED interactive floor tiles can make drainage activities twice the result with half the effort.

Shining floor tiles and interactive screens will attract more attention and increase passenger flow. And for friends who like novelty, they will promote it in their social circle after seeing it, to attract more people influx.

2) Stage effects

Traditional stage performance effects are generally lights hanging in the air, and there are few interactive effects on the ground. Now, the emergence of interactive floor tiles has changed this situation. Through real-time interaction between actors and floor tiles, the stage performance is more interesting and the viewability of the stage performance is improved.

3) Sightseeing

We go out to travel, to education bases, to mountain villages, to parks, to climb mountains, to see the sea, to see trees, to see flowers, etc. We often see scenic spots and historical sites, which are very natural and historical. Since things.

If equipped with an interactive floor tile screen with a sense of science and technology, I believe it will bring visitors a “shock” and “extra value” experience, which is also very helpful to the reputation of tourist attractions.

Many examples have proved that with the help of LED floor tiles, many tourist attractions have become popular. People will love this combination of technology and nature.

LED Floor Tile Screen Factory Aging
LED Floor Tile Screen Factory Aging
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