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How Does Micro-LED Display To Seize The Market?

Micro-LED are self-luminous like LEDs, but the LED array integrated on a chip is smaller and denser, and the pixel distance can reach a micron level. Compared with the existing display technology, the efficiency, brightness, and lightness are all better will be better.

Compared with OLEDs, due to the use of organic materials, they will begin to “die” over time, and the risk of screen burn-in will increase. Micro-LEDs use inorganic materials, and their stability is greatly improved.

The industry generally believes that from a product point of view, OLED is currently widely used in mobile phones, laptops, wearables, and vehicles. The two technologies may overlap in the wearable and automotive fields.

With the obvious advantages of Micro-LED, if its manufacturing cost drops, it will be obvious to replace OLED and other display devices in the future. Therefore, it is the first to seize the industry outlet and have the right to speak.

Micro LED And LED
Micro LED And LED

How does Micro-LED display to seize the market?

To seize the opportunity of the Micro-LED industry, we should continue to promote breakthroughs in key technical areas, promote the agglomeration of upstream and downstream enterprises, drive collaborative innovation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and cultivate new products and new formats

According to industry statistics, by 2024, the global Micro-LED demand is expected to exceed 50 billion units, which is more than 10 times that of 2022, and the corresponding mass transfer equipment will also exceed 800 units.

As a brand-new technology direction, this brand-new screen can not only bring business opportunities to upstream equipment manufacturers but also bring new space for downstream applications.

With the support of Micro-LED technology, the future screen is expected to become a platform that can realize various functions such as interaction through sensors, breaking through the concept of “display”. According to relevant experts in the LED industry, the market size will grow rapidly from 2027, and it is expected to build a new upstream and downstream industrial ecological chain.

The display industry covers a wide range of upstream materials companies and downstream panel terminal companies. In the past five years, the average annual growth rate of Chengdu’s new display industry alone has exceeded 30%, and a complete industrial chain has been built from materials to panels to TVs, mobile phones, and vehicle displays.

However, at present, in the field of equipment, the participation of Sichuan enterprises is not high. The relevant person in charge of the Department of Economy and Information Technology stated that Sichuan is implementing a plan to improve the quality and double the number of advantageous industries and promote the scale of the electronic information industry to double on the current basis by 2027. Experts suggest that to grab the Micro-LED industry outlet, on the one hand, Sichuan should continue to promote the breakthrough of key technical fields, and on the other hand, promote the agglomeration of upstream and downstream enterprises, drive the collaborative innovation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and cultivate new products and new formats.

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