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what is the price of p1.875 LED display screen?

At present, P1.875 LED display has been widely used in: power production dispatching control center, military command and control center, urban management emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television display and monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, communication information display systems, financial securities information display systems, government-enterprise multimedia video conference display systems, mining safety production monitoring systems, urban environmental monitoring and command systems, fire control, meteorology, and maritime flood control command systems, airports and subway flight display systems, A wide range of fields such as security monitoring systems. Due to its widespread use in the LED display market, more and more P1.875 LED displays are used for viewing. So, do you know the price of P1.875 LED displays?

P1.875 LED Display
P1.875 LED Display

The price of P1.875 LED display has three aspects:

1. Specifications: Impact on the price of LED display can be divided into single color, dual color, and full color. The price of each kind of LED screen is different, the dot density is different, the price difference is also very big.

2. Raw materials: Impact on the price of display screens. My country’s LED display screens are still relatively dependent on foreign technology for raw materials and core technology. Among them, the quality of LED chips is also quite different, and the quality of LED display lamp beads is also a very important reason for price constraints. Each light-emitting chip is not perfect, and has its advantages and certain disadvantages.

American and Japanese chips, because they have always mastered the focus of technology, under similar manipulations, the prices of American and Japanese chips have been fluctuating. There are also some production plants in Taiwan and China, but their performance is definitely different from that of the United States and Japan.

3. Enterprise production costs: the impact on the price of display screens. Each company’s production costs are different. In addition to raw material costs, there are also production, employee wages, logistics costs and other costs.

P1.875LED Display Effect
P1.875LED Display Effect

Price list of P1.875 LED display supporting equipment:

1. Desktop computer or notebook computer:

It is necessary equipment for controlling the work of the LED display, and it must have a certain configuration standard.

2. Video processor:

Mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, and fully tap the value of LED display. Solve the problem of signal access, processing and display, and can complete the format conversion problem among many signal formats.

For example, live broadcasting is more frequently used. The screenshot by the live camera is directly connected to the computer, and the video processor can be quickly, directly and smoothly displayed on the display screen.

3. Distribution box:

A device that distributes voltage and current stably for each device and device of the display screen. Small area screen can not be equipped

4. Audio + power amplifier:

Let the display synchronize the video playback of the device that makes the sound.

5. Lightning arrester:

Mainly anti-lightning devices, protective equipment for display screens. Equipment required for outdoor display screens; indoor display screens are not required.

6. Air conditioning:

Air-conditioning heat dissipation equipment, small-area display screens can be used without or fan exhaust fan to achieve cooling effect; large-area outdoor display screens are strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners to effectively cool down, to ensure that the display devices do not operate at high temperatures, which can effectively reduce LEDs The failure rate of the display screen ensures the use and installation of the LED display screen and effectively extends the service life of the various components of the display screen. Outdoor display screens are commonly used.

P1.875 LED Display Quotation
P1.875 LED Display Quotation

P1.875 display quotation:

1. Quotation of screen body:

The price of P1.875 LED display bare screen is ××yuan/square meter, and the selected materials are different, the price is also different;

2. Control system cost:

That is, the number of receiving cards and sending cards of the P1.875 LED display screen. This is mainly based on the size and model of the display screen. The LED video playback software is given away for free;

3. Cost of auxiliary equipment:

Power distribution cabinet, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioner, multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, etc. Of course, some of these equipment users can also prepare their own equipment, and of course they don’t need to use equipment. ;

4. Steel frame structure cost:

That is, the bracket used to fix the P1.875 LED display, including the calculation of manual installation costs. The cost of steel frame column structure is higher than that of wall-mounted steel frame structure, including manual installation cost budget;

5. Transportation costs:

Generally use logistics automobile transportation, customer pays, depending on the transportation distance budget;

6. Installation cost:

At the same time the goods arrive at the customer, technical engineers will be dispatched for on-site service, and installation, commissioning, and accommodation fees will be reasonably charged according to the size of the screen.

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