How about the display effect of indoor P1.6 LED screen with small spacing?

As early as five years ago, indoor P1.6 LED screen have been used in areas such as monitoring rooms, command centers, and meeting rooms.

With the advent of the small-pitch led era, LED screens comparable to LCD TVS are also gradually seizing the share of large-screen LCDs.

2-3 years ago, p1.667 and p1.923 were still half hidden. And now have successively realized the mass production stage, especially in the monitoring room, command center, conference room and other electronic screen areas is small, clarity requirements are particularly high place application is very widespread.

P1.667 Full color screen a real sense of 4K level LED display, the resolution is not inferior to the LCD display, 1.6mm point spacing so that it has 360,000 pixels per square meter, the super high definition also let it continue to occupy the commercial display market, many administrative units, meeting rooms, multimedia function hall and other small places, p1.667 screens are popping up like mushrooms,

indoor P1.6 LED screen
indoor P1.6 LED screen

How about the display effect of an indoor P1.6 LED screen with small spacing? Is there stitching?

Some friends may know that LCD splicing is patchwork, then LED splicing whether there is such a problem.

In fact, LED display no matter what type of screen, or screen area, are composed of small modules or box splicing, but the LED display joint is very delicate, through the naked eye is not obvious, so the joint is basically ignored, said seamless splicing is too much.

P1.6 super clear LED screen belongs to small spacing products like p1.667 full color display unit module specifications 320mm*160mm and 200mm*150mm, one square meter 360,000 pixels, display effect is very good, high definition.

Due to the development of small spacing products, the market application is and more widely, the production process of LED display is increasingly mature, the price of a P1.6 super clear LED screen has been greatly reduced, a few years ago, the price of P1.6 also tens of thousands of a square meter, and now the price of P1.6 naked screen has fallen to thousands of pieces a square meter, That price would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Of course, the specific price needs to be calculated from many aspects. The price of each manufacturer is not the same, and there will be differences. For the specific price list, you can consult the sales staff of professional LED display manufacturers.



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