LED Displays Solutions

Our company is a leading global LED display screen projects solution supplier. We have been focusing on indoor and outdoor full color led displays.

We are always committed to providing high quality hardware and software, excellent pre-sales and after-sales service and win-win cooperation for all customers.

Our manufacturing capabilities

With our dozens of production lines, we have very strong manufacturing capabilities and support one-off customization and small batch production. We pride ourselves on being the manufacturer of choice for a wide variety of complex LED displays or highly aesthetic LED displays.

Rental Screen series

  • Light and thin, heat-fast dissipation
  • Lightweight, disassemble easily

Fixed screen series

  • Support customize any size, seamless stitching
  • Simple internal connection and easy installation

UHD Screen series

  • Up to 4K, 8K ultra high resolution
  • Ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale

Transparent Screen series

  • The permeability is as high as 85%
  • Ultra-light 7kg/sqm, ultra-thin 3.5mm

Floor Screen series

  • Fast interactive sensing and high accuracy
  • Waterproof, 2T high load bearing

Creative Screen series

  • Support mold design service
  • Develop more creative products
Virtual VR shot of the LED display using the scene

Customize your own screen

We guarantee consistent quality for end-use, by partnering with thousands of different country customers.


– 10+ years manufacture experience

– Instant quotes for 1 square meter

– Fastest delivery within 24 working hours


Rental LED display

Rental LED display is a special customized display suitable for stages and exhibitions. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle, high contrast, and seamless splicing, so it is favored by many customers.


Transparency LED display

Compared with ordinary LED screens, the most prominent advantage of transparent LED screens is transparency, which not only ensures aesthetics, but also fully inherits the advantages of LED screens in performance, fully displaying the characteristics of intelligence and humanization.


LED Floor tile display

The LED floor tile screen is an LED display specially designed for the ground. Due to the strong load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance of the LED interactive floor tile screen, the decoration on the ground such as stage and bar entertainment is irreplaceable for other displays.

perfect photogenic spot for social media

– Precise delivery, covering the target circle at zero distance.

– The value of precise marketing and target group aggregation.

– The advertising effect is quickly transformed, which helps the audience to recognize and transform the advertising effect.

– Demonstrate the value of a “High-End” brand and establish an impressive high-quality brand

– Effectively cover the audience with a high reach rate.

– Unique space value, the mainstream of the urban population.

A dash of Taurus in outdoor building show vivid effect

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company introduction

We devote to developing, manufacturing and marketing Indoor & outdoor LED display products. Our company has more than 10 years experience in supplying led display with good reputation in home and abroad. We adhere to the principle of “efficient & high integrity”, strictly followed by the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality system, and insist on offering customers with excellent quality, reasonable price, sincere service and fast technical support. Our products are well exported to over 70 countries, covering Asia, Middle East, America, Europe and Africa. 

OEM And ODM Service

We will have a dedicated project manager to understand your needs and conduct a comprehensive project evaluation, give the best plan and advice, save you more time and energy, and provide you with a full range of one-stop services

Inspection process

All products will be carefully inspected by three quality inspectors, strict quality control, guaranteed to reach the aging test time of 72 hours and above.


Our quality management system is ISO9001:2015 certified, and additional certifications can be provided: CE, FCC, ROHS.

Refunds and Reorders

If our product is not manufactured to contract specifications, we will reorder it for you free of charge, or provide a full refund. Because all displays are customized products, no reason to return is not accepted.

After-sales service

We will provide customers with CAD structure installation drawings of all customized products, train the use of control software, and assist customers to complete the installation of display screens and terminal debugging.

Online remote free service

For common simple faults: remote technical guidance provided by instant messaging tools such as telephone, email, remote software, etc., to help solve problems during equipment use.

Cooperation brand

We and each big LED display screen control manufacturers to establish good relations of cooperation