HOLA-LED:Excellent LED Display Supplier

HOLA-LED‘s main business is the research and development, production and sales of LED full-color displays, and also provides LED display hotel operation services. The company’s LED full-color display products involve outdoor large screens, stadium screens, rental screens, stage creative screens, small-pitch screens, etc. The products are widely used in advertising media, real estate, transportation, stage performances, radio and television, stadiums, security Monitoring, command and dispatch, etc.

Overseas sales are mainly sold to overseas markets through the company and overseas subsidiaries, and overseas customers are mainly distributors, supplemented by direct sales to major customers; domestic sales are mainly sold through channels such as large system integrators and large engineering companies, as well as through large customers and large customers. Project direct sales.

The company’s hotel operation business is to provide LED displays and supporting services to five-star and four-star hotels (currently mainly five-star hotels). Charge the hotel.

In recent years, the company’s overseas operating income accounts for about 80% of the total operating income, and the export scale has always been at the forefront of the industry. The company has a complete product line, a complete global marketing and service network, leading technology reserves, a high-end brand image and a good industry reputation.

HOLA-LED is an independent brand of LED display, we have our own LED display factory with a manufacturing and office area of ​​8,000 square meters. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the registered full name is Shenzhen Jinyao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. The Jinyao Optoelectronics team focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of LED displays, and has been focusing on one-stop LED display solutions for more than 10 years. We provide complete solutions for Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight, Xixun, Huidu LED Control Systems

Small pitch LED seamless splicing
Small pitch LED seamless splicing

HOLA-LED is a professional LED display manufacturer with 10 years of experience in LED display production and development, and the LED control system has passed CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHs certification. For all LED display products, we offer 3 years warranty and 5% spare parts.

HOLA-LED has strict LED display quality control management, such as our LED display panels are equipped with high-quality LED chips, driver ICs, LED modules and LED cabinets, to achieve LED screens and LED display control system solutions. best effect.

With a wide range of products, HOLA-LED is able to produce and sell a variety of LED products, including Ultra HD Small Pixel LED Displays, Rental LED Displays, Fixed LED Displays, Outdoor LED Displays, Indoor LED Displays, Creative LED Displays Screen, sports peripheral LED display, advertising LED display, front desk service LED display, etc. Wide range of applications, such as commercial plazas, stadiums, shopping malls and transportation facilities.

Market standardization is inevitable, industry standardization is a trend

The development prospects of the domestic LED display market are promising. However, according to market observations, the quality of module splicing products, which account for more than half of the market, is of mixed quality, and safety issues emerge one after another.

Although the LED display industry is a high-tech industry, in fact, its industry threshold is not high. For the deep cultivation of technology and brands, only those screen companies that do a good job of display products, and some shoddy products not only disrupt the market order, but also It also greatly damaged the credibility of the industry.

Not long ago, Zhengzhou Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a display screen without 3C certification. The display product involved was a modular splicing screen and the key components used, and the national compulsory product certification test report for the LED full-color display product it applied for. Inconsistent, there are certain security risks. Under such circumstances, market standardization is urgent.

On the road of strengthening the standardization of the industry market, some screen companies have already taken the lead, such as Lianjian Optoelectronics, Absen, HOLA-LED, etc., have launched the concept of “original machine, original brand”, HOLA-LED also It has launched eight industry standards, which have been highly recognized by the industry, with the intention of keeping the industry on the right track of legal compliance and not going astray.

In this regard, the promotion of standardized display products will become a trend in the industry. “Purifying” products also means “purifying” the industry, promoting standardized products to become the mainstream of the market, allowing good products to drive out inferior products, so that the market is more healthy and standardized. It is also the long-term mission of HOLA-LED.



HOLA-LED:Excellent LED Display Supplier


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