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The company’s main LED full-color display engineering manufacturing, indoor series LED display, outdoor series LED display, stage rental series LED display,Transparent LED display

Installed on the building of transparent LED display screen


LED display production plant

Why Choose HOLA-LED As Your LED Screen Supplier

Industry Leader

We founded in 2009, we are a professional manufacture of indoor and outdoor led display

Affordable Price

We have a great range of LED display solutions to suit every budget and business need.

Premium Quality

Hola-led LED screens have successfully exported to over 162 Countries

Quality solution

Hola-led delight is to be innovative and excellent in providing you LED screen solutions

Our Customer Reviews and Feedback

“You are my best-LED display manufacturer and brother. I was really impressed when visited your China factory, your top-notch technology, your advanced production machine, your amazing LED display, and your kindest hospitality I ever met. Thank you brother, I asked my friend to also buy from you.”
Sophie Grant
“I like so much work with your company. You guys are so fast quote me and support all drawings and technical sheet to win my LED screen project. When I do installation, your engineer are so helpful. I like your super service!”
James Stinger
“My LED display advertising business made a 264% annual growth in the past 8 years. Your high-quality LED display makes me money without any headache. Plus, your reasonable price makes me easier to build more advertising LED display. Thank god, we are working together.”
Amy Winter

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