Full of high-tech sense: LED transparent screen

With the continuous progress of the times, with the expansion of market demand for LED display, LED display products show a diversified development trend. From the continuous optimization of existing products to the continuous innovation of new products, LED transparent screens have entered the public’s field of vision with a unique attitude. Its appearance is very surprising, and the development of LED display screens will be unstoppable.

Nowadays, LED transparent screens have high light transmittance and strong light perception. Most of them are used in combination with glass curtain walls and glass showcases. Its design is also very beautiful, the overall appearance is very modern, and it is full of high-tech sense.

It is especially suitable for glass curtain walls, The development of glass windows, space design and other buildings not only adapts to the new market demand, but also successfully creates a new way of outdoor media communication, with more choices.

The LED transparent screen can also be said to be a micro innovation of the LED light bar screen. The manufacturing process of the patch, the light ball packaging and the control system have been improved and designed. The hollow structure designed has greatly reduced the The blocking of sight by structural components maximizes the penetration effect.

Nowadays, LED transparent screens change their shape, the interlocking suspension of the screen and the performance of the overall picture depth, using the transparent, thin, and easy-to-install features of the screen itself. With a strong perspective effect, the LED transparent screen can be applied to most glass curtain walls of buildings, and the design is compatible with any scene.

At the same time, it does not hinder the play space of scene lighting design, so that the whole scene presents all the atmosphere effects that you want to show, and can more prominently express the theme. The LED transparent screen still has a long way to go. The installed storefront is extremely cool, and the effect is very attractive to consumers.

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