Factors affecting the price of P1.25 LED display

P1.25 LED display belongs to the LED small pitch products, so different manufacturers, different packaging methods, and lamp beads brands are factors that affect its price.

First of all, the technology of different manufacturers is different, including the production process, case structure, maintenance methods, etc., which affect the price of the product. For example, the market price of a P1.25 LED display with an SMD surface mount package maybe 20-30,000 RMB a square, while with a COB package, it may be up to 30-40,000 RMB. The specific price can consult the LED display manufacturer’s sales staff.

Secondly, different LED display manufacturers provide technical support and after-sales service is also different, which indirectly affects the price of P1.25 LED display, because we can not only focus on the purchase of the product itself but also take into account the technical service support, such as whether it can be installed and debugged at home, whether to ensure that the late lifetime after-sales service.

Secondly, because the P1.25 LED display point spacing is minimal, in order to improve its stability, many manufacturers have now introduced COB package, compared to the traditional SMD surface mount package, COB package due to changes in the packaging of LED chips, so that the lamp beads are no longer raised above the substrate, greatly reducing its drop rate, making the P1.25 LED display stability is greatly Strengthen the stability of the P1.25 LED display greatly, but also reduce the rate of after-sales, natural COB package LED in the price will be slightly higher than the SMD package products.

Finally, in addition to the manufacturer and the packaging method of these two points, the upstream lamp bead supplier excellent or bad will also affect the price of the finished product, the core technology of the LED display is LED lamp beads, and lamp beads are often provided by the upstream lamp bead packaging manufacturers.

For example, the domestic well-known national star lamp beads are recognized as the industry’s high-end lamp beads brand, because of their strict quality control, and durable materials, so their price is also higher. After encapsulating it into LED display products, its market price will also be correspondingly higher for a period.

But its good quality and low after-sales rate also bring more stable products and better viewing experience, P1.25 LED display as well, so that is why many suppliers will list what brand the lamp beads are used when quoting because the good or bad lamp beads directly affect the price of the product and after-sales.



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