Exhibition area expanded to 240,000 square meters, the 24th CIOE China Light Expo booth booking hot

The 24th session of China international optoelectronic exposition on September 7-9, 2022 held in shenzhen international exhibition center (baoan), at the same time six exhibition covers information communication, laser, infrared, ultraviolet, precision optics, camera technology and application, intelligent sensor, the new display section, for photovoltaic industry and downstream nine one-stop show great application in the field of photoelectric industry chain platform, Help enterprises to carry out brand display, business negotiation, efficient maintenance and expand customer relations.

Now booth booking hot open, advance booking booth to seize the market opportunity

Comprehensive photoelectric exhibition, scale comprehensive upgrade, display area increased by 50%2;

As the wind vane of optoelectronics industry, CIOE China Optical Fair has been committed to creating a one-stop comprehensive platform for the whole optoelectronics industry chain, cultivating the industry for more than 20 years, and has accumulated high quality reputation and brand effect in the industry. Different from a single “large and complete” exhibition, adhering to the concept of advancing with The Times, through a reasonable exhibition layout and continuous subdivision, CIOE actively explore the market context in communication, laser, optics, infrared, sensing, display and other plates, according to each market segment mining and expand the downstream application market. At the same time, different from the “specialized and refined” exhibition, CIOE China Optical Fair can make the industry can be interconnected, each other have upstream and downstream industrial chain relationship;

CIOE2022 exhibition area will expand 50% to 240,000 square meters, 12 pavilions open at the same time, more than 3,000 enterprises are expected to participate in the exhibition, more than 100,000 professional visitors. In order to enhance the brand value of the exhibition, CIOE China Light Fair will broaden the information communication channels in publicity, through wechat, mail, we media, industry and application activities and other online and offline full marketing mode to help enterprises to show their products, activities and trend release.

Open the photoelectric new plate – new display innovation technology exhibition

LED display industry has entered a new era of integration of application innovation and technical innovation. The maturity of Mini and Micro LED technology is also constantly expanding the boundaries and possibilities of LED display application. At present, China has become the world’s main production base of new display panels and an important engine for the growth of display industry. The new display industry will have great potential in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, advanced manufacturing and other terminal applications. For the audience of CIOE China Optical Expo itself, a new section of “New Display innovative Technology” will be added in 2022, focusing on cutting-edge display technology. The exhibits will cover display screens, display materials, display manufacturing equipment, touch screens, touch screen materials, etc. New products, new technologies, new trends and new applications in the fields of chips, materials, modules, equipment, panels and terminal applications will be fully displayed. Meanwhile, academic and industrial summit forum will be held together with SID and connoisseurs and other well-known institutions at the same time to gather the top names in the industry. Help the new display industry and consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, advanced manufacturing and other terminal application enterprises to build a professional communication platform set brand display, business negotiations, efficient maintenance and expand customer relations as one.

In the same period, six exhibitions subdivided different fields of optoelectronics, and the head of enterprises focused on showing new products

5, 6, 7, 8 exhibition hall – CIOE information communication, the communication module pavilion is located in the 5-6 hall, semiconductor and communication equipment department is located in no. 7, integrated wiring pavilion is located at no. 8 pavilion, focusing on chip, materials, components, modules, products, equipment, plan the whole industry chain plates, full service in the telecommunications and data center market. Solectron, hisense, optical communications, haisi, Leonard, Cambridge, citrix, new Yi Sheng, deco, core technology and semiconductor, Macom, sensitive core Colorchip, every valley electronics, semiconductor, micky eye laser source jie, shi jia photons, xiamen optimal newsletter, eagles, semiconductor, orange, Ming science and technology, the core speed crosslinking, fu tai and other famous enterprises of science and technology will be CIOE202 2 bring the latest products.

Hall 9, 11, 13, 15 -CIOE Precision Optics & Camera Technology and Application Exhibition is divided into Hall 9 of Optical vacuum Coating Museum, Hall 11 of Precision Optics Processing Museum, Hall 13 of Camera Technology and Application Museum, and Hall 15 of Camera Technology Museum. Focus on optical components and materials, lenses and modules, coating, machine vision, AR&VR, optical measurement and other upstream and downstream latest products and technologies, to create a feast of the entire optical industry chain. Lida Optoelectronics, Chengdu Guangming, North Optoelectronics, Short, Fujing, Haichuang, Schonice, Lauer, Schneider, Shipu Machinery, DKSH, Fanuc, Sumitomo, Harbin Institute of Technology, Herite, Huapai, Jiet, Xujing Optoelectronics, Hydratight xinguang, rice bee, macro photoelectric, ShunYu, phoenix, yu pupil, lianchuang, joint, the big light photoelectric, song’s shares, shadow stone, red light, Geng lumena electricity, China sent the photovoltaic, crystal, which jiing, Richard Pai, appear to be light, Zeiss, sea, kang, mitutoyo, brooke, well-known companies such as panasonic, Hitachi, keyence focuses on CIOE2022 show the latest production Product.

10, 12 hall -CIOE Laser Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, focusing on the innovation and development of laser technology in the field of downstream processing and application, the exhibition will focus on laser materials, lasers, a variety of laser solutions, automation and intelligent equipment, 3D printing and additive manufacturing and other industries of new products, new technologies, new trends and new applications. Big family, Tongkuai, Haimuxing, Sky Academy, New generation, Wuxi Liangyuan, Lianyin, Teide, Yunteng, Jinweike, Ebite, Chuangxin, MKS, Keming Instrument, Beilin Laser, Kaplin, Huaguang, Changguang Huaxin and other well-known enterprises will show their latest products in CIOE2022.

Hall 16 -CIOE Infrared Technology and Applications Exhibition brings together materials, devices, equipment and applications in the field of infrared, ultraviolet and terahertz, and is committed to promoting the industry from military to industrial and civilian markets. Kunoyo, Dari, Airui, Fujiri, Remo Electronics, Hikang Micro Film, Soleibo, Zhaisheng, Light wisdom, Vipeishi , Hongxiang, Kaihang, Luoyang Optoelectronics, Silian, Fortoylai, Jingyang Technology, Zhongkelide, Guozhao, Xiawen, Yacke Chenxu, Lanstech, Meike, Zichuan, terahertz millimeter-wave alliance and other well-known enterprises will show their latest products in CIOE2022.

Pavilion 14 -CIOE Intelligent Sensing Exhibition, focusing on intelligent sensing technology and application solutions, a complete display of 3D vision, millimeter wave radar, MEMS sensing and the Internet of Things, focusing on sensing in consumer electronics, intelligent driving, communication electronics, intelligent manufacturing and other important application fields of new demand. Ams&OSRAM, Obi Zhongguang, LUMENTUM, Juyou Intelligent, Light Jian Technology, Lingming Photonics, Chip Vision, Poly Microelectronics, Innoviz, Hybson, Feixin, Tanyi, Moment Light, Luo Wei, Silan, Hesai, Kunyou optoelectronics and other well-known enterprises will show their latest products in CIOE2022.

Hall 14 -CIOE Optoelectronic Innovation & New Display Innovation Technology Exhibition, optoelectronic innovation Exhibition focuses on the display of scientific research institutes, universities and high-tech enterprises optoelectronic innovation products and technologies, is a comprehensive platform for scientific research institutes, universities and high-tech enterprises resource docking and achievement transformation. Zhongke dean spring machine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, xi ‘an by light, sea ray machine on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences by anhui light machine, photoelectric technology research institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan photoelectric industrial technology research institute, JiHua laboratory, shenzhen advanced school, tsinghua university, zhejiang university, changchun university of science and technology, xi ‘an university of electronic science and technology, xi ‘an university of technology and other scientific research institutes, colleges and universities will bring the latest scientific research Results.

More than 80 conferences and forums will be upgraded

At the same time of 2022, China International Opto-electronics Summit Forum will continue to be held, centering on academic, industrial and application conferences, covering four sections: Communication, optics, Laser, infrared Industry Forum, Optical + Application Forum, CIOE&YOLE International Forum and GLOBAL Opto-Electronics Conference OGC Forum.

Field data review CIOE2021

  1. Exhibition area and audience: Covering key fields such as communications, consumer electronics, advanced manufacturing, security, medical, semiconductor, energy, lighting and so on, 97.59% of the visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the exhibition in 2021, 96.65% said they would continue to visit. 97.55% of the audience are willing to recommend CIOE China Optical Fair to colleagues and industry partners;
  2. Visiting groups: 694 visiting groups come from industries and end users organized by associations, enterprises, research institutes/universities;
  3. Exhibitors: a total of 3010 enterprises from 25 countries and regions participated in the expo. 91.8% of exhibitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall effect of the expo, 91% of exhibitors said they would continue to participate in the expo, and 90.1% of exhibitors were willing to recommend CIOE China Optical Expo to their counterparts and industry partners.

4.VIP guest buyers: a total of 995 VIP guest buyers purchasing docking and negotiation activities were held, 695 exhibitors participated in the matching, and a total of 1866 VIP guest buyers were present;

  1. Concurrent forums: More than 80 academic, industrial and application theme forums were held during the same period, attracting more than 9000 audiences.

CIOE2022 has fully started booth reservation, booth reservation immediately, selected beautiful seats first come first served, expand more business opportunities, and meet you on September 7-9, 2022 shenzhen international convention and exhibition center (bao ‘an new pavilion), be there or be square.

About CIOE China Optical Expo

As a large-scale and influential comprehensive exhibition of opto-electronics industry, the 24th China International Opto-electronics Expo will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 7-9, 2022. Six exhibitions will be held in the same period, covering information communication, laser, infrared, ULTRAVIOLET, precision optics, camera technology and applications, intelligent sensing, etc. And focus on the photoelectric industry and the downstream nine application fields to create a set of brand display, business negotiations and efficient maintenance and development of customer relations as one of the professional exchange platform.



Exhibition area expanded to 240,000 square meters, the 24th CIOE China Light Expo booth booking hot


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